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Windows 10 is a great operating system. Most consider it a huge improvement over Windows 8, but there are always ways that the experience can be improved. Instead of switching to a new OS, though, you can make use of one of a handful of Windows 10 tricks to make your experience a little better. These tips and tricks all make use of shortcuts and software that are included within the operating system but that tend to get overlooked by many users. If you’re ready to make your Windows 10 experience a bit easier, the tricks below are a good place to start.

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Well… we have another compatibility issue with Windows that is causing the phones to ring! After installing the Windows updates we are seeing issues with AVG and Logitech wireless keyboards and mice causing the computer to go to a screen that says something along the lines of :

– starting watch dog initialization
– loading configuration( root kernel, set up)
– pre initialization events
– creating watch dog dynamic key list
– sub systems initialization
– finished
Phase 1:
– initialize components
– starting reactor
– starting components
– starting internal subsystems
– starting command channels
– Srm start actions
– starting external subsystems
– finished

The computer will then sit there at the screen. After a restart you will get the spinning circle and after another restart (or two) windows will start to revert the update. This issue is driving us crazy! We have yet to hear about a fix from either AVG, Logitech or Microsoft. If you unplug your Logitech wireless dongle you will be able to boot into Windows. After a restart you will have the same issue happen all over again. We have had some success by removing AVG using their removal tool. Then reinstalling AVG. We have also had good luck with updating AVG before running Windows updates.


Option 1:

Uninstall AVG using the removal tool then reinstall using the most updated product.

Option 2:

Update AVG before running windows updates.

Option 3:

Uninstall AVG install a different Antivirus product.

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