Encrypted Email
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Email And Its Importance

Communication in business has evolved with email being a primary tool in most workplaces. With cell phones, laptops and tablets many companies are more mobile than ever before. With access to most information at employees’ fingertips, email security is becoming a concern for many business owners.

In today’s workplace, you have salespeople who can quickly pull up quotes and invoices up on their mobile devices. You have doctors who can review a patient’s chart, and you have lawyers who can cram for their client’s case while out of the office. Read more “Why Your Business Should Be Using Email Encryption”

Sane Box Email
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If you strive for Inbox Zero or you’re looking for a new method to help tame the mass amount of emails you receive Sanebox might be the answer. Sometimes emails can get way out of hand. Especially if you receive hundreds every day. Keeping those emails organized and setting up a process with how to deal with the emails can help you reach Inbox Zero. One of my go-to tools is SaneBox.Sane Box Email

SaneBox has many features to help get your mailbox under control. Below I have highlighted some of the best features I use below. Read more “Keep Your Inbox Under Control With SaneBox”

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Cybercrime continues to grow as we are now more than ever depend on technology in our lives, business, and communities. Protecting yourself and your digital assets are more critical now more than ever. With the high number of data breaches (Yahoo, Equifax)  user training is becoming a priority. Read more about a simple step business can take to educate their users in securing company data.

Read more “Sign-Up For Our Cyber Security Training Video’s”

login avg to avast cloudcare
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AVG To Avast CloudCare

As time goes on everything changes. Last year Avast purchased AVG. Starting last month you probably have noticed the rebranding. We are excited about the New Avast CloudCare. Giving residential and business customers the best of both worlds. We have been recommending AVG as our preferred antivirus for over 10 years. We have pushed away from AVG Free a couple of years ago due to the pushy advertising and the switch to recommend Avast Free. Now we are pleased to announce that you have the features of both products. Continue reading about how to switch your AVG to Avast CloudCare. Read more “AVG To Avast CloudCare”

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Running a small business often means having to contend with fewer employees on your staff as well as limited resources in an attempt to keep your operational costs low. Luckily, in this digital age, there is an abundance of technology that can help even the playing field with your competitors who may have larger brand names. Nonetheless, simply having software for your daily business operations is not sufficient. You also have to ensure that the software is custom-designed for your specific business to make sure that your individual needs are met. Moreover, you would also have to take measures to update the software routinely. Below are just a few of the reasons why it is important to embark in routine software updates. Read more about how updated software is a must for businesses.

Read more “The Importance of Keeping Your Software Updated”

Avast Free Antivirus install
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Avast’s Free Antivirus would be our recommended choice if you decided to choose a free antivirus. When protecting your computer we always stress that you look into the paid options first. We praise AVG CloudCare, and Webroot Business Anywhere packages but, when the budget is a concern we point you to Avast’s free antivirus.

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