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What Is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow is a service that allows you to automate basic digital tasks. You can save email attachments to OneDrive, post photos to both Instagram and Facebook at once, or get a notification every time someone tweets a specific hashtag.

By chaining your processes together, you can use Microsoft Flow to get more done and think less about mundane tasks. The system can be a little complicated but is easy to get used to.  After the initial setup, Microsoft Flow will be very useful

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E3 is coming in the next few months and everyone was expecting an announcement from Microsoft and 343 Industries about the upcoming game Halo Infinite. We will probably still get that, but Halo fans now have something else to look forward to…
Cloud Gaming System
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Tuesday at the Game Developers Conference, Google announced it will be rolling out a new Game streaming service called Stadia. The service will allow users to stream games on multiple platforms forums such as a web browser, phones, tv, and tablets. This will be Google’s big push into the gaming world. Google has hinted in the past that they were going to have some upcoming announces for gaming. Read more “Google Announces New Game Streaming Service Stadia”

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Windows 95 is Back, and I Couldn’t Be Happier!


If you’re like me, you feel that the cutting-edge features and layout of Windows 10, awesome as they are, are missing something. What precisely that “something” is can be difficult to describe, but I can safely say that Windows 95 had it.

(And if you’re not like me—if you’re too young to be like me—you’d better read on and see what Windows 95 was all about; what a real operating system is made of.)

Although Windows 95 was released less than 25 years ago, it feels as though an entire century has passed since I was able to experience the operating system in all its unimpeded glory. Its sounds, wallpaper options, and default programs and content made for a unique and exciting browsing experience. It’s not that I don’t like talking to Cortana on Windows 10, but I do miss the magic of 95. Windows 95 couldn’t answer my questions or respond to most of my basic inputs in a timely manner. It did, however, always seem to know what I was thinking.


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Computer Processors: Intel vs. AMD


The digital computer industry is constantly improving in an effort to unlock new technologies that extend processors and their capabilities. Online gaming is perhaps one of the most competitive and popular industries that relate to the design of computer parts. One of the major debates that has gone on in this industry for some time is whether Intel or AMD provide the best CPU for the price. There are some differences between the designs of these two products and that is a topic that will be explored in the following sections of this post.

Computer Processors – Intel vs. AMD

Intel and AMD processors have constantly competed in the market to optimize the best performance for the best price. This raises an important question about this generation of processors. Which processor offers the best CPU for the price? That question can only be answered by diving into the important specifications of each processor for this computer generation.

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Fix laptop
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Your computer’s been running slow, hasn’t it? I’m sorry to hear that, but it may be time to face the facts and find out whether your laptop is simply old and slow, or worse, infected with a malware. These threats are more common with increased age of the computer, and often dictate whether you might as well purchase a new system.


The chances of your laptop being infected by malware are probably lower than the chances that it’s just old and slowing down with the times. It is important to factor both possibilities but running a simple malware scan to find a definite cause isn’t a bad idea at all. Read more “Laptop Slowdown: Is It Malware or an Older System?”