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Avast’s Free Antivirus would be our recommended choice if you decided to choose a free antivirus. When protecting your computer we always stress that you look into the paid options first. We praise AVG CloudCare, and Webroot Business Anywhere packages but, when the budget is a concern we point you to Avast’s free antivirus.

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Internet of Things Explained

Almost every household in America has access to the Internet through Broadband which is readily available and affordable. Today, most devices you purchase have Wi-Fi capabilities or sensors built in. Smart technology is available for televisions, microwaves, coffee pots, and a variety of other items. This massively available connectivity has created the perfect environment for IoT.
IOT explained


The Internet of Things has become the new water cooler topic. This idea has the potential to completely change how we work and live in the world around us. This concept may seem hard to understand because of the technology involved with it, but this post will help you understand the Internet of things and what it means for you. Read more “Internet of Things Explained”

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On May 12th of 2017 a ransomware attack known as WannaCry was unleashed in Europe and spread worldwide in epic proportions. By May 24th Wannacry Ransomware Infection2017 more than 200,000 people in 150 countries were held hostage by this malicious attack. Surprisingly, the WannaCry developers shed a few tears of their own as they are reported to have made little more than $50,000 from the scheme.

WannaCry might not have created the major, global shutdown initially reported, but to those who fell victims to it, there were devastating consequences. What WannaCry did accomplish was to make computer users more aware of the potential threat of having their computers and files held hostage by ransomware. We’re going to examine ransomware in this article and then provide you with eight lines of defense for ransomware prevention.

What is ransomware?

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With the yearly potential for snow storms, tornadoes, and floods, your business should have some documented process that you can follow if one of these events should occur and disrupt the day-to-day operations of your business. Your disaster recovery plan (DRP) will allow your business to survive through a tough time, avoid panic and tackle the consequences of losing power for extended periods of time or not being able to store your backup data if a disaster ever does occur.Start a Disaster Recovery Plan Read more “Your Business Needs A Disaster Recovery Plan. Here is How You Start”
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Why You Need a Custom-Built Computer for AutoCAD and Other 3D Design Applications

A computer needs to have top-notch hardware for 3D design. Programs like AutoCAD require specific hardware for smooth operation, and it’s a bad idea to make 3D designs on low-quality machines. These types of programs can easily crash a substandard computer. Computer crashes lead to lost work, frustration, and slow project completion rates. This is exactly why it’s important to have a custom-built CAD Computer. Read more “Advantages of a Custom Built CAD Computer”

When building your computer never overlook the importance of choosing the right power supply unit. Power supplies are based on more than just wattage, and bigger is not always better or the best option for your needs. A solid computer power supply is necessary for your computer’s stability and reliability. Selecting one is as important as selecting the other components in your computer build such as the hard drive or video card.Gaming Power Supply

Power supplies are not talked about in the same light as a new video card or processor but, you will be thankful you picked the right one. Read more “How To Pick The Right Power Supply For Your Computer”