Computer Tuneup | $89 – $112.50

Is your computer running slow? Pop-ups overwhelming your browser? If your web surfing feels more like web wading, you probably need a Tuneup.

A computer virus can be fatal to both a business and a home user. They’ve been known to cause problems ranging from data loss to complete computer failure. Keeping your computer free of viruses and malware is essential to the life of your computer.

What comes with a Tuneup?

Green tickDust out and clean off the computer
Green tickCheck for physical damage and bad capacitors on the motherboard
Green tickAssess for hardware and operating system upgrades
Green tickRemove items that slow down Windows boot time
Green tickRemove unwanted programs
Green tickRemove malicious software including rootkits, viruses, and malware
Green tickRemove annoying popups and malicious adware from web browsers
Green tickRemove temporary browser files and registry conflicts
Green tickRemove malicious or broken browser extensions
Green tickInstall all needed Windows Updates
Green tickUpdate all software on the web browser
Green tickUpdate third-party applications including Adobe and Java software
Green tick Verify the computer has an active and working antivirus program
Green tick Preliminary hardware diagnostic

Tune-Up In Shop

Unlike other repair shops, our Tune-Ups cover virus removal. Some shops offer this as an additional charge. Our Tune-Ups which will improve the speed of your computer also will remove viruses and malware that is installed. During our process, we also install and update third-party programs such as Adobe Reader, Abode Flash player and many more. Select the link below to learn more about our in Shop Tune-Up process.

Remote Tune-Up | $99

For your convenience, we also offer a Remote Tune-Up. We are able to do the tune-up process with out you having to bring your computer into the shop. This will save you from having to deal with all of those wires. If you would like a remote tune-up, feel free to call or you can start the process by purchasing it from the link below. Our Remote Tune-Up runs $99.

With our Remote Services, we are able to work on computers around the world. Select the link below to learn about our Remote Tune-Up process.