Computers are a great part of modern life, but all good things have their bad sides.  When your computer stops booting or you can't access the internet, it almost seems like life stops and you are cut off from the world. We know how difficult it can be when your PC stops working, and that's why we have trained technicians who are ready to assist you in your computer repair needs. Whether it be hardware issues, network issues, or software problems, our technicians can get it repaired in a timely manner, with the quality you can expect from the PROs.


Computer Repair Services


We have been providing the St. Louis Metro area with computer repair / PC repair services since 1996. We offer many options to fix you computer and have you up and running in no time.home user computer repair

In-Shop Services

Aside from servicing computers in our repair shop we will also gladly answer any questions you have while you’re in our store. If you have a question about your computer, feel free to call us or stop by our store. If you feel like you need one-on-one help with a technician, we do offer sessions where you can sit down with a technician and go over any questions you may have.

Computer Tune-Up

If you feel that your computer isn’t running like it used to or you suffer from annoying popups then you would most likely benefit from a computer tune-up. Our tune-up process consists of removing any viruses, adjusting settings to speed up your computer and making any recommendations that our techs believe will increase your computer's performance.

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Remote Support

If you need computer support but can’t make it to our shop, we do offer remote assistance by phone or internet. With our remote software, we can view your screen to help better understand the problem by allowing our technicians to see the steps taken to cause the problem you’re having. Remote services are easy for customers to use and will put you in direct contact with the tech that is repairing your computer.

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On-Site Support

If you would like support on your computer but can’t bring it into our shop, we can arrange for a technician to stop by your business or home. While there, any questions you have will be answered and the technician will work to solve any problems you are having.

Business Services

We also offer a wide variety of services and solutions for your business environment no matter what size. These provide a great mix of reliability and security within your business. If you’re looking for IT expertise at a reasonable cost for your business, then give us a call for an assessment and see what we can recommend improving your network, back up and the general computing experience within your computer repair

Remote Management

With our remote management service for businesses, you can be sure that software on company computers will always be up-to-date. This service allows us to remotely monitor the computers on your network, making sure that they are running smoothly and minimizing the possibility of downtime and costs for unexpected repairs.

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