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Encrypted Email With many different email services available sometimes it is hard to choose the one that fits your business best. That is why we are here. Our consultant will discuss your business with you and help you choose the right services for your needs. With the vast number of options available choosing a reliable email service can be overwhelming. We offer an uptime guarantee to ensure your email is available when you need it. Below we have listed many benefits that come with our email services.

Multiple Devices

Your business could benefit from being able to see your email on all your devices from your PC to your smartphone. The great thing about Exchange class email is that once an email is deleted on one device it will be deleted from all your devices. You will not have the headache of chasing down your emails. Now you can check on any of your devices to see ALL OF YOUR MESSAGES.


With our Exchange email services, you will be able to view your calendar as well as share calendars with other users. This will allow you and your team to know what is going on in your business.


You will receive 50GB of email storage. Gone are the days of your mailbox getting full. You now have the capacity to store all the emails you want.

Document Storage

You will also receive 1TB of storage for documents. This allows you to share files with users inside and outside of your organization. Your documents will also be synced to your devices, i.e., from your PC to your smartphone. Allowing you to access your documents from anywhere and giving you a truly mobile workforce.

Instant Messenger

With communication be critical for all businesses you can easily access your team to make sure your projects are completed on time. With the benefit of Skype For Business, you will also be -able to share your screen and documents with your co-workers and other users. This makes collaboration on any project easier and more effective.


We have many anti-spam options available to protect your users from those Nigerian princes and all that money they are giving away.


Email archiving is crucial to legal and health care firms in making sure they have an audit trail of all transactions with a client.

Office Online

You will be able to edit and create documents on the go. From typing a word document to creating a financial report in excel. You will have all the access you need at your fingertips.

Office Suite

One of the best benefits of all is that you can get the full-blown Microsoft Office Suite. This would eliminate the need to purchase Microsoft Office each time a new version is released. It will also allow your users to use Office on their mobile devices.


You will also be able to create a company intranet which will allow you to do anything from a custom Wiki to procedures your employees should follow.   For More Information Contact Us Today or Click the link at the top to start your 30-day Free Trial of Office 365

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