We always offer our customers the best possible products. This is why, at Computer PRO, we build our own new computers. The systems are assembled and supported at our location in St. Charles, MO. If you ever have any issues you are able to call or bring your computers directly into our store for assistance.

For our customers who live outside of the area, we provide excellence support using our remote services.

Custom Computers

Our product line consists mainly of the Essential and Gamer Pro Series; we also offer workstations, servers and CAD systems for our business customers. Please note that all of our custom-built computers carry a 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty at no additional charge. When purchasing a computer from Computer PRO Unltd, we will assist you in moving your data free of charge. With the purchase of a new computer, we will migrate your data from your old computer. We will also assist you in setting up your printer and accessories.

Any systems outlined are merely templates for your information. We custom build systems and can easily configure a system to meet your specific requirements.


Gaming4k machine computer pro


Gamer Pro Series

The Gamer Pro Series is geared towards customers who demand the fastest and most robust systems. These machines will make the newest games scream and guarantee smooth gameplay and total enjoyment. Our gaming computers can vary in specs depending our your needs, but all of our gaming machines are ready to go with the latest hardware and updated drivers. From air cooled to water cooled we have the gaming machine of your dreams.

With our Gamer Series, we want to ensure your games are running at top notch. That is why when purchasing one of gaming computers we will discuss what games you are playing to make sure your system will perform better than your expectations.

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Essential computer pro


Essentials Series

Our Essential Series is the ideal blend of speed and storage for a home, small office, or anyone wanting to perform everyday computer functions. We choice the best parts for our computers and make sure that all of our systems can perform your tasks. We take in account benchmarks when picking our components and we know once you have your system you will see what we mean.

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CAD Machine computer pro


CAD Machine’s

When selecting a computer for Auto CAD, it is critical to choose the right video card. We make this easy by having sold many CAD machines we know what you are expecting from the system.

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