Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher

What is a Microsoft authorized refurbisher?

Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers are companies that follow Microsoft’s guidelines in repairing/reselling used computers. This process helps the end-user know that their product is licensed correctly. When using genuine Microsoft products you will have access to updates and support that is provided with the purchase.


Why should you buy Refurbished PCs from a Microsoft authorized refurbisher such as Computer PRO Unltd?

If you buy from an authorized refurbisher you can be certain that you are not only getting a high-quality PC, you are also getting a PC installed with the most up to date windows and has a Valid COA (Certificate of Authenticity). Buying refurbished is not the same as buying new. Refurbished are used items that are repaired to a certain standard but, have been tested and usually contain a warranty. Refurbished products are usually less expensive compared to a new computer.

Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher W10 Cprou

What Selection of Refurbished PC’s Does Computer PRO Unltd Have?

We have a wide variety of PCs in stock, but if there is a certain PC you want that we don’t have. We can order it for you. With computers coming in all shapes and sizes we are able to provide a machine to meet your needs. From All-In-Ones with IPS screens to an impressively tiny NUC that can keep up with all of your office tasks.


What to look out for when buying computers from Other vendors?

The main thing to watch out for when buying a PC is the price. Other vendors can charge more for less, meaning they will put a high price tag on a PC that has old parts. You can also run into issues with buying a cheap computer with subpar parts. Just because the computer costs less than 200 does not mean it is going to be an ideal fit. We always recommend looking at the benchmarks of the computer and compare it with outer PC’s. This way you can get the best bang for your buck.


Why having a genuine copy of windows is important?

What does it mean to have a genuine copy of windows? It means that windows have been activated, either by buying a windows license or by a digital license that is activated on install.
The reason having a genuine copy is important is first if you don’t have a genuine copy, windows will still run but it’s limited and it has features designed to alert you to the fact that windows are not activated. And windows have more features to annoy you like for example on Windows 10 if you haven’t activated Windows 10 after a certain amount of time a watermark will appear on the bottom right of the screen and will stay there till windows are activated.

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