Frequently Asked Questions

Laptop Repair

Most laptops will allow you to connect an external monitor. This will allow you to continue to use the computer to pull your data off if you decide not to get the laptop fixed.

Yes, we have many different power adapters in stock. We always recommend you bring in your laptop and your current power adapter if it is available so we can test and make sure it’s your power adapter that is causing the issue and not the jack inside the computer.

Many users want to disable their touchpad so they don’t accidentally move the mouse while typing. Most laptops allow you to do this by holding down your fn key and depressing the corresponding touchpad icon on your keyboard.

PC Repair

We have two options for you. You are always more than welcome to swing your computer by for a quick dusting but be aware we don’t detail computers 🙁 You can also buy a can of air and gently blow out the side of your computer.

First, make sure your computer is plugged in. Then make sure your monitor is plugged in and turned on. Next, we always recommend that if you are using a ups or surge strip try plugging directly into the wall to see if it will turn on. If it still does not work you will need to check the back of your computer to be sure the switch on the power supply is on. Finally, we would ask for you to bring it in to make sure no components failed.

It depends on what the issue is but we can always try a remote first.

Software Support

Yes, we are always more than happy to assist you in your software support. Call us to inquire about what product you are using and we can help!

Yes, we have specialized tools to either recover your password or reset it. If it is a motherboard or hard drive password, we will inquire about proof of purchase.

We can always assist you in upgrading your operating system. In most cases, we can even perform this task remotely.

First, we want to know if anything has changed, such as new hardware or software. Have you performed any updates? Next, we would ask for you to document times when the issues happen so we can sort out your problem faster. Next, we ask you to describe in detail what happened each time it acted up, so making notes ahead of calling or bringing in your computer is very helpful.

PC Accessories Support

On most modern computers and printers, windows will install drivers for you automatically but, if you need any of the additional tools and features you will want to download the drivers form the printers manufacturers website.

First, we ask you to calm down. We know we can help. Did you plug the speakers in? What about the volume? Is it turned up on the speakers and the computer? Lastly, if it still does not work give us a call we can remote in and check over your drivers.

It is not because your USB port is sad! It’s the newer USB 3.0. It gives you faster data speeds but, be aware some older devices do not like USB 3.0

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