With Managed Services we will take care of your IT needs letting you focus on your business.

There are no certainties in IT. Computers will eventually crash, and the software will stop working. Instead of waiting for the interruptions to put a strain on your business, we recommend looking at a more proactive approach. If you think about your current IT needs, are you putting your business at risk?

With a fully managed IT service suite you can have peace of mind and focus on moving your business forward. As our techs are monitoring your systems, patching security holes, testing and verifying your backups, and monitoring your antivirus for signs of an issue, you can have time to grow your company. With our monitors and alerts, we will be watching to protect your computers from the little issues before they become a headache.

We are a St. Louis Managed Service Provider. Having been in business since 1996, we have the experience and knowledge to support your IT needs. We are family owned and operated and have our helpdesk staff based in the St. Louis Metro Area. We are your IT PRO’S.

What Is Managed Services?

A Fully Managed Solution Suite Protecting Your Business

With Computer PRO Unltd. monitoring your IT Systems, you can focus on your business. Trust your business with the PRO’s. Our Offerings Include:

Monitoring Network Infrastructure

We monitor your network, and when a system fails, our techs are immediately working on the issue. With our advanced monitoring and remote tools, we are proactive about solving the matter quickly.

Help Desk Support

With our Help Desk Support based in St. Louis, MO. We will be able to provide you with any coverage your company will need for 9-6 or 24x7x365. We will be here to answer your questions and provide speedy and professional service for your software issues.

On-Site Support

Issues will arise that require a technician to go to your location. Whether it is due to hardware upgrade or an unexpected problem, our technicians will be there to make sure that your business stays running. With regular visits, we will help establish a baseline for your IT needs and make sure no issues are lingering.

Business Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

With our data backup solution and a qualified disaster recovery plan, we can get your data back even when the worst happens. Having a plan in place is just step one. We go above and beyond because we test the plan to make sure your data is always within arms reach.

Document Management

Proper documentation will save your business much need time. Keeping your IT infrastructure organized will provide for quicker support and faster turn around on any issues. Knowing how your setup is implemented will save your business many hours of downtime.

IT Audit & Compliance Monitoring

With IT Security being a high priority for most business we can help and provide a compliance plan to make sure you are protecting your data and your customers. With compliance’s such as HIPAA, PCI and NIST 800 – 171 we can ensure that you have the proper procedures in place.

Read about IT Compliance

Virtual CIO Services

With our Virtual CIO Service, we are more than a managed service provider. We are your IT advisor. Assisting your company by expanding and developing the appropriate road map for your IT systems. Increasing productivity and directing your business to the correct software and hardware options. You will have a team of IT consultants working for your business.

Your St. Louis Managed Service Provider

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