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What Is Microsoft Flow?

Microsoft Flow is a service that allows you to automate basic digital tasks. You can save email attachments to OneDrive, post photos to both Instagram and Facebook at once, or get a notification every time someone tweets a specific hashtag.

By chaining your processes together, you can use Microsoft Flow to get more done and think less about mundane tasks. The system can be a little complicated but is easy to get used to.  After the initial setup, Microsoft Flow will be very useful

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Computer Processors: Intel vs. AMD


The digital computer industry is constantly improving in an effort to unlock new technologies that extend processors and their capabilities. Online gaming is perhaps one of the most competitive and popular industries that relate to the design of computer parts. One of the major debates that has gone on in this industry for some time is whether Intel or AMD provide the best CPU for the price. There are some differences between the designs of these two products and that is a topic that will be explored in the following sections of this post.

Computer Processors – Intel vs. AMD

Intel and AMD processors have constantly competed in the market to optimize the best performance for the best price. This raises an important question about this generation of processors. Which processor offers the best CPU for the price? That question can only be answered by diving into the important specifications of each processor for this computer generation.

Read more “Computer Processors: Intel vs. AMD”

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Main Event: New Components

Now that we’ve talked about what fits together, we can talk about which new components you should buy! This shopping list describes the essentials and why you’d need them, including CPU, motherboard, ram cards, video cards, the power supply, a hard drive or two, a cooler for the new components, a case to hold it all in, and maybe some extras if you need them(and if your wallet allows!). Read more “New Components and Your Selections”

Form Factors
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Last time, we talked about your goals and constraints.   Now that you’ve recognized and documented your goals, there are a few more rules that come into play. Just like the ratios of ingredients going into a cake, Form Factors are an essential part of fitting your build together. These new constraints will add the next level to your current mental picture of your setup, often making it better than before. Don’t be afraid of making changes, we’re still far from done in our series! Read more “Form Factors: Making Sure Your Parts Are Compatible”

Put together a pc
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So You Wanna Build a PC?

First you must ask: Why am I here? The answer to this first question will be referenced throughout the series. It should become your project mission statement. You must keep this answer in mind through the whole process as you build a PC. The parts you select may make things difficult in the long run if you have conflicting goals. Is your old machine crapping out? Or just not keeping up at work? Read more “So You Wanna Build a PC?”

Internet of Things Explained

Internet of Things Explained

Almost every household in America has access to the Internet through Broadband which is readily available and affordable. Today, most devices you purchase have Wi-Fi capabilities or sensors built in. Smart technology is available for televisions, microwaves, coffee pots, and a variety of other items. This massively available connectivity has created the perfect environment for IoT.
IOT explained


The Internet of Things has become the new water cooler topic. This idea has the potential to completely change how we work and live in the world around us. This concept may seem hard to understand because of the technology involved with it, but this post will help you understand the Internet of things and what it means for you. Read more “Internet of Things Explained”