Introducing Our New Monthly Reports: Your IT Overview at a Glance

At Computer PRO Unltd, we continually strive to enhance the transparency and reliability of our managed services. That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our new Monthly Reports—a comprehensive IT performance snapshot designed to keep you informed and in control.


What’s Included in Your Monthly Report?

Each report is tailored to provide a clear overview of your IT infrastructure’s health and our service performance, including:

  • Tickets Overview: Get a detailed summary of the support tickets opened and closed within the month. This section aims to give you insights into the common issues faced and how quickly and effectively our team is resolving them.
  • Antivirus (AV) Reports: Security is a top priority, and our AV reports reflect this commitment. You will receive updates on the threats detected, blocked, and removed, ensuring you have the necessary information to understand your cybersecurity stance.
  • PC Asset Report: Stay updated with a comprehensive list of your company’s PC assets. This includes the status and health of each device, helping you plan for upgrades, replacements, or reallocating resources more efficiently.

Why Monthly Reports?

Our goal is to provide you with a clear and concise view of our service impact and your IT ecosystem’s current state. These reports are crafted to help you make better-informed decisions, prepare for future needs, and ensure optimal IT operations.

We believe that these reports will make a significant difference in how IT services are perceived and managed in your organization. They are not just documents; they are tools for better efficiency, security, and performance.

Stay tuned for the first issue of your Monthly Report coming this month! If you have any questions or need further details, our team is always here to help.

Thank you for choosing Computer PRO Unltd. as your trusted IT service partner. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs with even greater precision and responsiveness.

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