The Most Used Mobile Apps Among Our Techs

It goes without saying that mobile technology has become a part of everyone’s life.  Anywhere from glasses, watches, to wireless earbuds… it seems everyone has some form of tech on their person at most times.  The main brain of the operation, and the one piece of tech that all of those devices need to talk to, is the smart phone.  Without this central “hub”, the other devices would not work properly.  Therefore, smart phones are a very important part of people’s lives.  But what would a central “hub” or the “main brain” be without applications to utilize everything thing you have to the full potential?  Today, we would like to share with you some of our favorite mobile apps we use on a daily basis.  Everywhere from productivity to fun, we’re gonna cover a few!


Our Favorite Mobile Apps



Google Authenticator

I started using this app around the time I started working at Computer PRO.  As I started to learn more about security an how important it was, I really wanted to make sure I was practicing the same levels of security at home as I was here at work.  Therefore, I set-up two-factor authentication across the majority of my accounts.  Out of the many authentication mobile apps I’ve use, Google has my favorite.  Every 30 seconds or so, a new code with show for a certain account.  The best part, when I open the app, I can see each code.  Unlike Microsoft, which requires you to click on the account first.   Either way, it is a great authentication app!


Chrome Remote Desktop

I have been using this app since it first made its appearance on the mobile apps store.  It is a free and easy to use remote tool for accessing your machine from a mobile device.  Allowing you to mimic a mouse cursor, or just use it as a touch screen, it is extremely easy to maneuver around the desktop from any screen size.  There are commands to send CTRL+ALT+DEL and there is also a keyboard passthrough.  I use this mostly when I see something go on sale on Steam and want to order it from my home computer.  This is probably the most used out of all of my mobile apps list.



I use this application to control the home automation devices in my house.  Anywhere from smart plugs to lightbulbs, the app controls the Wyze devices from anywhere at any time.  My favorite thing about it is that it allows for live camera footage.  So you can mess with your family or room mates while at work.  Some of the cameras even have night vision, so it is pretty dang cool to see around in night vision… who know, you may even end up catching a ghost on camera!




Teams is a workforce driven chat app. It comes with Microsoft 365 and allows you to chat both in and outside of your organization. It allows for file uploads, SharePoint integration, screen sharing. You can set up custom backgrounds, do video chats, and set up meetings. Overall, it’s a great app that you can use free with a Microsoft account, even if it’s not a paid account. Download it today and boost your productivity and communication.


Fifth Edition Character Sheet

Fifth Edition Character Sheet is an app written by Walter Kammerer that allows you to create characters for the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. It’s an excellent little app for creating, leveling, and tracking information for your character. It’s free to use but unlocks the ability to level up and upload to Google Drive when paid. It’s only a few dollars, and the ability to develop a character up past level one is super handy. It automatically posts your characters abilities and feats to a fully editable notes page, where you can track your gold, items, experience, and other assorted notes on your character. I can’t suggest this app enough for someone who plays D&D 5e.


Survival Manual

Survival Manual is what it sounds like. It’s a compendium of information on how to survive in various situations and environments. It has tons of information and pictures of edible plants, how to make traps, the best ways to make shelter, and how to find medicinal herbs. It is well sorted into categories, such as Power, Planning, Kits, Basic Medicine, Shelter, Water, Fire, and Food. It has information on poisonous plants and animals, and how to survive different climates, such as Tropical, Desert, Cold, and at Sea. It also has links to various tools and kits that would help you in a survival situation. I keep it on my phone as an offline reference for if anything ever happens that I need that information. It doesn’t take up much space on your phone, and could one day save your life.



Last Pass 

When it comes to passwords my steel trap (my head) gets a bit rusty and I need a reminder now and then. Luckily that is where a password manager comes into play. After having what feels like millions of online accounts and each having to have a unique password it gets a bit challenging to quickly login. That is where LastPass or your password manager of choice comes in. Having a password manager has helped me out a lot. I was never horrible with passwords but LastPass helps take that edge off. Now, I do also associate my accounts with a 2FA device such as a YubiKey but, having the ability to quickly pull up my passwords is a lifesaver.



It has been a while but I started using RSS feeds for my news with Google Reader but, since it was killed I had to find an alternative and that is where NewsBlurr saves the day. It allows me to read most blog and websites I usually read in one single pane of glass. I also can organize my feed by folders and by tags. For articles I want to read late, it allows me to save to a separate folder. Also, I have a social feature to share articles and comments with friends. I like to stay current on news and tech which NewsBlurr allows me to do quickly either from my phone, tablet, or computer.


Libby / Hoopla

Last app I use on my cellphone regularly is for listening to audiobooks. Having a long commute to work and frequently exercising in the morning I get tired of just listening to music. With apps such as Libby (by Overdrive) and Hoopla. I am able to easily by using my local library card rent an audiobook on my phone. Sometimes with the latest and greatest books I have to wait to get a copy but overall, it has been a pleasant experience. I am also a fan of being able to speed up the audio.



There are many mobile apps out there, so hopefully seeing our most used mobile apps helps you find a couple to try out on your on!

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