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Almost every business in this era uses computers. With computers, comes data. And with data, comes the need for a robust backup system.

Especially as record-keeping moves from paper to digital systems, backing up said records becomes a critical component of running a business. If a computer breaks, the records will still be available elsewhere. Depending on the type of business, customer data, contacts, inventory, legal documents, and so on are becoming more and more digitized–if those are gone suddenly and no longer accessible, how much would business operations be disrupted? A backup allows continuation of operations. Read more “How Safe Is a Cloud-Based Business Backup System?”

Sane Box Email
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If you strive for Inbox Zero or you’re looking for a new method to help tame the mass amount of emails you receive Sanebox might be the answer. Sometimes emails can get way out of hand. Especially if you receive hundreds every day. Keeping those emails organized and setting up a process with how to deal with the emails can help you reach Inbox Zero. One of my go-to tools is SaneBox.Sane Box Email

SaneBox has many features to help get your mailbox under control. Below I have highlighted some of the best features I use below. Read more “Keep Your Inbox Under Control With SaneBox”

login avg to avast cloudcare
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AVG To Avast CloudCare

As time goes on everything changes. Last year Avast purchased AVG. Starting last month you probably have noticed the rebranding. We are excited about the New Avast CloudCare. Giving residential and business customers the best of both worlds. We have been recommending AVG as our preferred antivirus for over 10 years. We have pushed away from AVG Free a couple of years ago due to the pushy advertising and the switch to recommend Avast Free. Now we are pleased to announce that you have the features of both products. Continue reading about how to switch your AVG to Avast CloudCare. Read more “AVG To Avast CloudCare”

Small Business Cloud Server

Cloud computing is catching on with small business owners in a big way. With 37 percent of this demographic already operating in the cloud, an Intuit study from a few years ago estimated that 80 percent would be fully in the cloud by 2020. And just exactly what business pieces will be moving to the cloud? In short, nearly everything. Your company may already use the cloud for file backups or email or any of a dozen other operations, but the day is coming when it will be time to do away with a location-based server and function completely in the cloud. Read more about using a small business cloud server.

small business cloud server

Read more “Should You Move Your Server to the Cloud?”