Managed Service Provider: Why They’re Important

Sometimes, you need IT support at random hours of the day and night. Maybe you need software managed in your off hours with patches and updates. There are so many things in the IT scope of your business that need handled, one way or the other. How can you keep up with it all? Have you considered a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

The Solution: MSP

What can be done when you have difficulty building an internal IT team? You turn to a Managed Service Provider. This outsourced organization is responsible for maintaining a company’s IT infrastructure. This includes its hardware, software, network architecture, and security. In other words, it’s a critical piece of your business and its ability to maintain regular productivity and revenue.

For more information, here are few reasons why a managed service provider is so important. It really starts to make sense before too long.

Lower Expenses

A company’s IT infrastructure is expensive. Not only does equipment and software need to be purchased but it also needs to be kept somewhere. Furthermore, you need an internal IT team to maintain it on a 24/7 basis. Should your environment be hacked, further expenses are incurred if you must enhance your security or pay a ransom to cyber extortionists.

Bringing on an MSP significantly lowers these costs. You don’t need to spend money on hardware or server farms because the service provider handles this or rents space out to you. A constant internal IT presence is greatly reduced since the MSP handles operations. The risk of ransomware and other cyberattacks is minimized thanks to constant review and maintenance.

Ensure Continuity of Business

A system failure or security breach does serious damage to your continuity of business (CoB). It diminishes or stops productivity. In turn, your business loses income and possibly clients.

When you bring on an MSP you have a built-in CoB plan. After the contract is signed, the provider’s representatives get together with you to determine your business needs. They collect the necessary information and might request if you want a warm CoB environment — one that takes a few minutes for cutover — or a hot one that simultaneously switches over when an issue is detected.

Provides High-End Security

Security is of high importance for an MSP. Without the proper tools to mitigate risk, your employee and client information can be stolen or taken hostage. This paints a poor picture for the MSP and can cause them to lose their own customers.

Thus, the service provider takes the utmost care to ensure your equipment and data are protected. If taking over an existing infrastructure the organization will perform a risk management audit to find the security holes and implement changes. If on their own equipment they’ll regularly monitor their network for potential attacks. While they can’t provide a 100% guarantee, they have the subject matter expertise necessary to minimize security risks. No MSP wants to have to make the call of shame to apologize for stolen data. They work hard to protect themselves and you from attacks.

Cloud Management is Emphasized

Today’s MSPs emphasize a streamlined approach to information technology. One way they do this is to promote the use of cloud technology to store your data and utilize various applications.

They do this because it’s one of the safest and most versatile IT environments. For instance, your data can be encrypted as it moves from your devices to the cloud. Furthermore, applications like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools are now made for use on multiple devices. Thus, employees or customers can get access through a computer or a smart device.

The items above are only a few examples of the importance of a managed service provider. The only way for you to know is to look into an MSP for your business. Thoroughly research these companies to find the best possible organization to handle your IT needs. Learn what to discuss with a new potential service provider, and how they can most effectively support your business.

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