Outlook Clutter Folder
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Outlook has been the king when it comes to email clients. There have been many email clients that we have seen over the years including Thunderbird, Mail Bird, or the Windows Mail app but Outlook has always seemed to be the most user friendly and loaded with features. One of the pains we hear about is an issue related to emails going to your junk or spam folder. Below we have outlined some steps you can take to prevent those emails from being misplaced in your junk or clutter folder. Read more “Stop Email From Going to Your Junk Folder in Outlook”

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Unless you’ve been living in a cave and have never heard of the internet, you most likely know you need some type of antivirus software on your computer. However, in today’s cyber-threat filled world, an antivirus software program alone is not enough to keep your computer, and especially your data, safe.  With all of the threats abroad in the cyber world, it may bring to the question; Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

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Sane Box Email
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If you strive for Inbox Zero or you’re looking for a new method to help tame the mass amount of emails you receive Sanebox might be the answer. Sometimes emails can get way out of hand. Especially if you receive hundreds every day. Keeping those emails organized and setting up a process with how to deal with the emails can help you reach Inbox Zero. One of my go-to tools is SaneBox.Sane Box Email

SaneBox has many features to help get your mailbox under control. Below I have highlighted some of the best features I use below. Read more “Keep Your Inbox Under Control With SaneBox”

Avast Free Antivirus install
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Avast’s Free Antivirus would be our recommended choice if you decided to choose a free antivirus. When protecting your computer we always stress that you look into the paid options first. We praise AVG CloudCare, and Webroot Business Anywhere packages but, when the budget is a concern we point you to Avast’s free antivirus.

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Disaster Recovery Plan
With the yearly potential for snow storms, tornadoes, and floods, your business should have some documented process that you can follow if one of these events should occur and disrupt the day-to-day operations of your business. Your disaster recovery plan (DRP) will allow your business to survive through a tough time, avoid panic and tackle the consequences of losing power for extended periods of time or not being able to store your backup data if a disaster ever does occur.Start a Disaster Recovery Plan Read more “Your Business Needs A Disaster Recovery Plan. Here is How You Start”
avg cloudcare web interface
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This is the third part in our AVG Cloudcare videos. AVG Cloudcare is an antivirus with remote monitoring features so you can make sure all of your computers are protected. Watch the video above to learn about AVG Cloudcare web interface. Read more “AVG Cloudcare Web interface Part 3”