What is Kali Linux

What is Kali Linux?

Linux allows anyone to create their own distribution or distro for short. Kali Linux is a popular penetration testing focused distro. It’s maintained by Offensive Security, a well respected penetration testing company which also offers training courses for security related certifications. What is penetration testing? Penetration testing, or pen testing, involves testing a system or …

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What is WSL

What is WSL?

WSL is the Windows Subsystem for Linux. If you’re familiar with Linux, this is a feature which lets you run Linux inside Windows. I know what you’re thinking, why would I want to do this? There are many reasons but the most common one is software development. Also, if you’re more familiar with Linux tools, …

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Proxmox – High Availability and Easy Host Management

Proxmox – High Availability and Easy Host Management

Have you ever wanted to test something on your computer but didn’t want to break something in the process? Are you trying to manage lots of applications running on many different computers? Proxmox is your solution. It’s a distribution of Linux designed to manage multiple installations of itself on different computers and easily manage them …

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