Microsoft Killer Windows Update: KB5000802

Have you had problems printing the last few days? How about issues generating PDFs, or issues with label printing? You’ve probably been affected by Microsoft Windows Update KB5000802. I have uninstalled this update from at least 7 systems myself, and I know some of the other techs have done several as well.

In the most recent Windows update pushed by Microsoft, (patch Tuesday), a fatal bug was taking computers down one by one.  The computers themselves were perfectly fine, but no one could print without the computer blue screening.  It’s a simple command to resolve your issue, which I’ll share below:  (Win + R to open Command Prompt)
wusa /uninstall KB5000802
When it finishes, you’ll need to restart. I would suggest delaying updates for at least a couple weeks until they fix or pull this update.
To delay your updates, open Settings (Win + I), then go to Updates, and select Pause updates for 7 days. You can only delay updates for about a month, but that should be plenty of time for Microsoft to get this update either fixed or pulled from Windows Updates.
If you need help uninstalling this update, feel free to call us and we could Remote in to help out!


Microsoft released a Hotfix to this problematic update. The Hotfix can be found here, and should resolve your issues without having to uninstall the update or delay your updates. There are other articles mentioning the release of this Hotfix.

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