Outlook Clutter Folder
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Outlook has been the king when it comes to email clients. There have been many email clients that we have seen over the years including Thunderbird, Mail Bird, or the Windows Mail app but Outlook has always seemed to be the most user friendly and loaded with features. One of the pains we hear about is an issue related to emails going to your junk or spam folder. Below we have outlined some steps you can take to prevent those emails from being misplaced in your junk or clutter folder. Read more “Stop Email From Going to Your Junk Folder in Outlook”

Encrypted Email
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Email And Its Importance

Communication in business has evolved with email being a primary tool in most workplaces. With cell phones, laptops and tablets many companies are more mobile than ever before. With access to most information at employees’ fingertips, email security is becoming a concern for many business owners.

In today’s workplace, you have salespeople who can quickly pull up quotes and invoices up on their mobile devices. You have doctors who can review a patient’s chart, and you have lawyers who can cram for their client’s case while out of the office. Read more “Why Your Business Should Be Using Email Encryption”

Sane Box Email
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If you strive for Inbox Zero or you’re looking for a new method to help tame the mass amount of emails you receive Sanebox might be the answer. Sometimes emails can get way out of hand. Especially if you receive hundreds every day. Keeping those emails organized and setting up a process with how to deal with the emails can help you reach Inbox Zero. One of my go-to tools is SaneBox.Sane Box Email

SaneBox has many features to help get your mailbox under control. Below I have highlighted some of the best features I use below. Read more “Keep Your Inbox Under Control With SaneBox”

Protect Yourself Against Scams

Phone, e-mail, and other online scams have been on the rise in recent years, according to Kaspersky between 2011 and 2013 the average number of spam emails received increased by 87%!

Having an active and aggressive antivirus software is important, but educating yourself about scam protection will protect you the most.
Read more “Protect Yourself Against Scams”

Gmail Gets Blocked in China

It’s no secret that China is strict when it comes to the internet; the Great Firewall of China is the most sophisticated internet censorship mechanism in the entire world.

You may have heard that websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, and YouTube are all completely blocked in China, and they have just taken their censorship one step further.
Read more “Gmail Gets Blocked in China”