Cleaning Computer Dust


Many people believe that the only thing you need to maintain for your devices is the operating system. While it is true that the operating system is a major part of what makes your device what it is, what some people don’t realize is the hardware is just as important. As a result, ensuring your hardware is clean is just as important as maintaining your operating system. To help clear up any confusion you may have, we’ve assembled a list explaining the importance of professional hardware maintenance.  Read more “Six Reasons Why Professional Hardware Cleaning Is as Important as OS Maintenance”

Computer Power Supply

When building your computer never overlook the importance of choosing the right power supply unit. Power supplies are based on more than just wattage, and bigger is not always better or the best option for your needs. A solid computer power supply is necessary for your computer’s stability and reliability. Selecting one is as important as selecting the other components in your computer build such as the hard drive or video card.Gaming Power Supply

Power supplies are not talked about in the same light as a new video card or processor but, you will be thankful you picked the right one. Read more “How To Pick The Right Power Supply For Your Computer”

Server and hardware raid

What is a Hardware RAID

When thinking about your computing environment, what would you consider to be one of the most important parts of it? Would it be your graphics card? Your CPU? Or would it be the amount of RAM your PC has? Even though these components are vital to any computer, the real answer would be none of the above.

What would be considered more important in your computing environment would actually be your data. Everything else is easily replaceable except for your data. Once it is lost, it will be gone forever. And that is why you must have a backup plan in case any of your drives fail. Even though it might seem like a simple idea just to backup your data and restore it whenever you need to, it is actually a lot more difficult and time-consuming.

Hardware RAID Server

Read more “What is a Hardware RAID”