Tricks and tips windows 10
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Windows 10 is a great operating system. Most consider it a huge improvement over Windows 8, but there are always ways that the experience can be improved. Instead of switching to a new OS, though, you can make use of one of a handful of Windows 10 tricks to make your experience a little better. These tips and tricks all make use of shortcuts and software that are included within the operating system but that tend to get overlooked by many users. If you’re ready to make your Windows 10 experience a bit easier, the tricks below are a good place to start.

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Windows 10 has many cool features people are loving but, some of the biggest complaints we are getting is about the Webbrowser Edge. When Microsoft decided to replace IE not many people complained. It was about time for IE to be redone but, Microsoft when a little gung-ho with the Edge browser. One of the biggest announces we are hearing from users is on edge automatically becoming the default program for PDF’s.  Today we are going to walk you through how to Change your default PDF reader.  Read more “How To Change Your Default PDF Reader In Windows 10”

Windows 10 Updates
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Windows 10 was supposed to be the end all of the bug fixes for the oft times problematic Windows suite. However, if you upgraded and are still experiencing issues, you aren’t alone. Fixing issues caused by Windows 10 updates can be a pain.

It’s a quality upgrade, truthfully, but no update is without bugs. There’s always a chance that any upgrade might wreak havoc on your system or cause some simple, but annoying, issues.

Here are five of the most common issues with Windows 10 that you can fix yourself. Hopefully, they’ll ease your problems and give you back your computer. Let’s give fixing issues caused by Windows 10 updates a try before reverting to your old operating system or calling the help desk. Read more “Five Recent Issues Caused By Windows 10 Updates and How to Fix Them”

Meet Your New Digital Assistant

Many of you have used or heard of Siri and Google Now that helps you use your phone hands-free and makes things a lot faster. On Windows phones, Cortana has existed for a while to help you do all the same things Siri and Google Now do, by letting you control your phone with your voice.

Cortana is now going to be part of Windows 10. This means that whatever device you have that is running Windows 10; whether it’s your phone, desktop, laptop, tablet, or even Xbox, you will always have a digital assistant to help you out.

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