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Cybercrime continues to grow as we are now more than ever depend on technology in our lives, business, and communities. Protecting yourself and your digital assets are more critical now more than ever. With the high number of data breaches (Yahoo, Equifax)  user training is becoming a priority. Read more about a simple step business can take to educate their users in securing company data.

We at Computer PRO Unltd, want to everything we can to help educate and inform our customers on ways to prevent and protect yourself from cybercriminals. We have a series of online videos and test you can take to educate yourself on staying safe online.The videos focus on business, but we are more than happy to allow home users access as well.

The videos will take a proximity 1 – 3 hours to watch and provide you with an excellent foundation to stay safe online. If you are interested in viewing the videos or enrolling your business in the program. You can use the link below to sign up for a free trial.

Free Trail 

The link above will give you a free trial and will allow business to track their employee’s progress. This is the straightforward way a company can educate and inform there staff about the dangers of cybercrime. There is currently 323,000 new malware found each day (source).  Your first line of defense should be training your employees.

computer pro security training video

Cyber Security Training Video Benefits

User Managment – Allows you easily add new employees to your dashboard. Giving you easy control to manage all of your users in your organization.

Track Progress – Allows you to see if your employees have finished the training course. Giving you an easy way to secure your business’s data.

Free Trail – Sign-Up to a free trial to make sure the product is right for your organization before you buy.

Quiz To Confirm Knowledge – After your employees finish the video’s they will have to pass a test to confirm their knowledge on the subject.

Real World Approach – The Cyber security training videos give your employee’s real word examples they can relate with. The videos do not provide a high-level approach but use real-world example to explain proper and improper security practices.

Keeping your employees trained correctly in cyber security is the easiest thing a company can do it increase its safety. 

Providing training for your uses also satisfy many IT Compliance’s requirements.


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