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As time goes on everything changes. Last year Avast purchased AVG. Starting last month you probably have noticed the rebranding. We are excited about the New Avast CloudCare. Giving residential and business customers the best of both worlds. We have been recommending AVG as our preferred antivirus for over 10 years. We have pushed away from AVG Free a couple of years ago due to the pushy advertising and the switch to recommend Avast Free. Now we are pleased to announce that you have the features of both products. Continue reading about how to switch your AVG to Avast CloudCare.

What Happens if you already Purchased AVG CloudCare?

If you are already a customer of AVG CloudCare you will receive the same great service, but in addition, you will now receive the added features that Avast brings to the CloudCare line. Your price will remain the same and you will still access to your online portal to manage your antivirus. Your premium features such as remote control and content filtering are not going away. Avast is adding features to the software packaging making the CloudCare line more robust than before.login avg to avast cloudcare

How To Update Your AVG To Avast CloudCare?

Your Antivirus should automatically make the switch to Avast Cloudcare, but if it does not or you would like to push the update quicker you make use the CCUpdater link below. This will push the most recent version of CloudCare to your computer.

Download CCUpdater

If you have issues with the updater or would like to do a fresh install of the antivirus you can do so by using the steps below.

  1. Run the Avg Removal Tool
  2. Login To Your CloudCare Account & Download Protection
  3. Install Avast CloudCare

avast to avg cloudcare

What Are The Benefits Of Avast CloudCare?

Premium Remote Control – Allows you to remotely control your devices when you are away. This can be used for your IT Department to manage your computers or for you to control your computers when you need remote access. You are able to access your computer even when you are not on the same local network.

Dashboard – Gives you a single dashboard to see the status of your computers. Letting you know all the critical information about your antivirus and alerts from your devices.

One Click Install – A simple one-click installer that allows you to install Avast on all your devices. This allows you to create a deployment package for your entire network. Reducing your IT staff’s effort in installing and updating your antivirus.

Keyless Licensing – No more having to worry about what license key is in use with what product. Avast allows you to manage all your devices from the dashboard.

Customizable Alerts – You will be able to setup custom alerts about your device. These alerts can be either SMS or email. Maintaining your security where ever you go.

Conflicting Software Removal – During the installation process, Avast Cloud Care will automatically uninstall any conflicting anti-virus software. Saving you time setting up your antivirus.

Group Updates and Scans – In the dashboard you are able to update or scan multiple devices at once. Giving you full control of updates and scans on all of your devices.

Drag and Drop  Devices – When creating custom policies you are easily able to change which policy your devices belong to. Allowing you to switch your device setup just by dragging the device to another policy set.

Antivirus – With Avast’s acquisition of AVG you now have the best of both worlds. Combining the company’s products into a great antivirus protection.

AntiSpam – When using an email client Avast protection will allow you to scan all incoming and outgoing emails. Securing your computer from online threats.


If you have any questions about Avast CloudCare we are always here to help. Follow the link below to read a comparison about Avast CloudCare and other Antivirus Suites’s.


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