Six Places to Buy Computer Games

Are you looking for a new game to play? Looking for a gift for a gamer you know? Wanting to push the limits of your new gaming rig? Remember a great game from a long time ago and have no idea where to get it? Want to save a ton off the list price? Don’t want to get up? Well here is a list of 6 of places to buy thousands of computer games cheap (or free) from the comfort of your home.


We’ll start with the big one. Steam has a truly monstrous collection of games for sale with new games being added just about every day. Their sales are the stuff of legend, they discount thousands of games during their big sales, where you can pick up a bunch of games you’ve been wanting at big discounts. And when they don’t have a big sale going on, they still have smaller sales on a few games that change a couple times a week. They ALWAYS have something on sale. From now until January second they are having their Winter Sale!

Green Man Gaming

GMG is like the little brother to Steam that has to try extra hard because his big brother is so cool and believe me the extra effort shows, GMG has some of the best deals out there, often outshining even Steam.

Good Old Gaming

GOG is a website dedicated to older games, of which they have quite the collection. Remember that one game from the 80s or 90s? you know the one, the one no one you know has heard of and you can’t find anywhere, no matter how hard you look? Your best bet to find it is GOG. Decent prices all the time, and fairly frequent sales means living that bit of nostalgia won’t cost you a small fortune like it might if you look for it on ebay. They also update most of the games so they will run properly on new PCs.

Internet Archive’s Internet Arcade

The Internet Archive has several hundred games, for free. Yeah, free. They are classics from the heyday of the physical arcade and they are free. My personal favorite is the very difficult Ghouls ‘N Ghosts. For free. oh, and also, they are free.

Humble Bundle

We have talked about Humble Bundle many times, that’s because they are awesome. Get great games, support charity, and save money. What’s not to love? Not Only do they have their Bundles, they now have a store that always sells games. They also have sales, but the best part I think is that 10% of all sales from the store go to charity.


Amazon sells everything, like seriously, just about everything. They sell lion food. really, go look, lion food; you know, like dog kibble, but for your pet lion. Anywho they also sell digital video games fairly cheap, particularly when they go on sale. Yep.


And for a bonus:

Is There Any Deal?

This amazing website is dedicated to bringing all the video game deals on the web under one roof. They go out and find the best deals and list them for you. Know what game you want, but don’t know where the cheapest place to buy it is? That’s what IsThereAnyDeal is for, just search for the game you want and see the best prices across the internet.

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