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Almost every business in this era uses computers. With computers, comes data. And with data, comes the need for a robust backup system.

Especially as record-keeping moves from paper to digital systems, backing up said records becomes a critical component of running a business. If a computer breaks, the records will still be available elsewhere. Depending on the type of business, customer data, contacts, inventory, legal documents, and so on are becoming more and more digitized–if those are gone suddenly and no longer accessible, how much would business operations be disrupted? A backup allows continuation of operations. Read more “How Safe Is a Cloud-Based Business Backup System?”

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If you have not been living in a cave recently you have probably heard the news that you should restart your home or office router. On May 23rd the FBI released a statement asking people to restart their routers to mitigate an emerging threat that they have detected. The threat is a virus known as VPNFilter and by restarting your router you could aid in preventing this cyber threat. Read more “Have You Heard The News — You Should Reboot Your Router!!”

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Keeping Your Small Business Data Safe

Protecting your small business against a data breach is one of the more important aspects of your business. Whether you need to protect intellectual property, medical information, or financial records, it is important to secure your IT infrastructure against being vulnerable to data breaches.

Data breaches can be extraordinarily expensive and in high profile cases, cost a company millions of dollars. For instance, the recent Equifax breach is expected to reach a price tag of $600 million this year according to Reuters. For small businesses, the cost can be overwhelming.

Securing your computers and networks can feel like an afterthought when you manage your own small business. In a lot of cases, the normal day to day operations can leave you with little free time to devote to IT security. Even then, it may feel like a daunting task. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your business.

Start by conducting an internal audit of how you interact with your computer systems. Here are a few key subjects to focus on: Read more “How To Protect Your Small Business From A Data Breach”

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Cybercrime continues to grow as we are now more than ever depend on technology in our lives, business, and communities. Protecting yourself and your digital assets are more critical now more than ever. With the high number of data breaches (Yahoo, Equifax)  user training is becoming a priority. Read more about a simple step business can take to educate their users in securing company data.

Read more “Sign-Up For Our Cyber Security Training Video’s”