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Almost every business in this era uses computers. With computers, comes data. And with data, comes the need for a robust backup system.

Especially as record-keeping moves from paper to digital systems, backing up said records becomes a critical component of running a business. If a computer breaks, the records will still be available elsewhere. Depending on the type of business, customer data, contacts, inventory, legal documents, and so on are becoming more and more digitized–if those are gone suddenly and no longer accessible, how much would business operations be disrupted? A backup allows continuation of operations. Read more “How Safe Is a Cloud-Based Business Backup System?”

Disaster Recovery Plan
With the yearly potential for snow storms, tornadoes, and floods, your business should have some documented process that you can follow if one of these events should occur and disrupt the day-to-day operations of your business. Your disaster recovery plan (DRP) will allow your business to survive through a tough time, avoid panic and tackle the consequences of losing power for extended periods of time or not being able to store your backup data if a disaster ever does occur.Start a Disaster Recovery Plan Read more “Your Business Needs A Disaster Recovery Plan. Here is How You Start”
Server and hardware raid

What is a Hardware RAID

When thinking about your computing environment, what would you consider to be one of the most important parts of it? Would it be your graphics card? Your CPU? Or would it be the amount of RAM your PC has? Even though these components are vital to any computer, the real answer would be none of the above.

What would be considered more important in your computing environment would actually be your data. Everything else is easily replaceable except for your data. Once it is lost, it will be gone forever. And that is why you must have a backup plan in case any of your drives fail. Even though it might seem like a simple idea just to backup your data and restore it whenever you need to, it is actually a lot more difficult and time-consuming.

Hardware RAID Server

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Backups Differential vs Incremental
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One of the most important aspects of securing the safety of data on your computer is the scheduling of frequent data backups.When thinking of backups a common question we get is backups differential vs incremental. Most users do not know the differences between the two and we plan to explain this to you.

Many things can happen to the data on your computer from a wide variety of potential problems. Without backups, you could easily lose your valuable information. A backup will prevent the complete loss of important data stored on your computer.

One reason people tend not to perform consistent backups of their data is because it can take a great deal of time to completely copy the entire content of information on the hard drive. One solution in response to this problem is the use of differential and incremental backups to supplement a full backup. These two procedures aim to reduce the amount of time required to perform a backup. This is made possible by only creating a backup of new and changed information instead of the entire content.

St. Louis Backup External

The following are the differences between the backups differential vs incremental. Read about the pros and cons to determine what backup is right for you. Read more “Backups: Differential vs Incremental Which One to Choose?”

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No I’m not talking about what chills your skin and makes your car take forever to warm up, I’m talking about Deep Freeze by Faronics software. Deep Freeze is a software option that magically restores your computer to a set state every time it is restarted. Deep Freeze is made to store a desired system configuration in a way that if anything goes horribly wrong, whether it’s a corrupted file or a virus was downloaded, restarting the computer will fix the problem.

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