Five Great Note-Taking Apps

Everyone needs to jot something down from time to time. Using sticky notes is helpful but sometimes you want all your notes in the same place. Also, what if you want to take a note with an image? Here are five great note-taking apps to solve those issues. Each one has different strengths and weaknesses.

Evernote: An Unparalleled Digital Notebook

It would be impossible to exclude perhaps the most prestigious and reliable note storing app known as Evernote which offers users a variety of features to enhance their organization. The platform can handle text notes, audio, PDF, educational images, emails, websites, and a plethora of other options that really come in handy to elevate your note-taking experience to the new heights of excellence. It can easily accommodate notes from various sources simultaneously in a comprehensive manner so that you can reference them easily for future needs. It’s not just an information storage application because it also gives you the capability to ergonomically organize and sort your notes in a vastly superior way. Later on, you can then revisit the app to sort them into individualized notebooks for personal reference.

Microsoft OneNote: A Free and Reliable App

Out of all the free options available to students and businesses alike, one-note allows people to have access to an app that is free to use and easily accessible. Users will find that this alternative to Evernote is a more free-form design that arranges the notes into different binders with various sections accompanied by subsections known as pages for advanced organization. This application is directed more at students who may have a need for a lengthy notebook to accommodate years of classes in an organized fashion that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. The app is fairly basic and may lack additional prestigious features, but it has everything you need to accomplish your endeavors including a Home tab with rudimentary tools. It features an insert where you can attach important files that accompany your studies. You can even illustrate examples with a draw feature which really comes in handy for charts and graphs. The view option gives you control over the notes and allows for the user to achieve their organizational goals. There is also a help function to guide people in the right direction when lost.


Apple Notes For Apple Note Takers

If you are devoted to Apple products and only have access to a computer or apple phone then this is the perfect solution for all note-taking needs. Although it is slightly more basic than the previously listed app, it is reliable and effective in accomplishing your desired purposes. An interesting feature behind this app is that you aren’t alone while using it. Siri is present to guide your experience and enrich your notes with suggestions and answers to important questions. Apple notes allow you to organize your notes into many different folders based on whatever subject you need to access immediately. There is a comprehensive search bar that allows you to find keywords and documents you may have misplaced for that important meeting or test preparation. You can also add additional elements to the notes like the other applications such as audio, images, and videos, or drawings.


Google Keep for Google Power Customers

Google keep is an excellent option for those utilizing IOS, Android, Chrome, or web purposes because of a very unique feature. It is fully integrated with Google services for ease of access resulting in a highly fluid experience. The user has the option to drag and drop notes into various locations in an organized fashion. There are many standard features as a note-taking app that will help Google users thrive in their organizational endeavors. You have the option to copy your notes to Google documents or have access to Google drive for storage purposes. It is incredibly versatile and integrated into most services excluding YouTube. Users can expect remarkable efficiency from Google drive as it caters to those who already implement existing services into their daily routine. This flexibility is what makes Google keep stand out from the crowd and provide a unique experience!

Notion for Collaboration Projects

If you’re looking for a note-taking application that specifically caters to those working in a team, then Notion is a wise option to consider. Sometimes in school, you may be involved in a group project that requires close communication and a joint grade. Without the proper tool, it can get a little unorganized and the end result may suffer. It is basically three intuitive applications in one that give you a major edge when completing important projects. Firstly, it serves as a powerful base note writing application similar to the rest mentioned. Next, it also features an advanced task and project management system which allows for increased continuity across important projects. Lastly, you have access to a reference Wiki which can come in handy when doing research papers and similar functions. All of these benefits culminate into a powerful application that many scholars and businesses use to enhance their group collaborations and you can choose the correct balance for individualized results!


These are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are countless others to choose from.

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