We Can Fix Your Computer Remotely

Did you know that you can get your computer fixed remotely? You can use a remote repair service and a computer technician to connect to your computer so that they can fix the issue. Best of all, you can do this from the comfort of your home. Here are several reasons why you should use online computer repair services to fix your computer remotely.

1) Faster Response

Sometimes, you don’t have any time to wait on a local technician to try to squeeze you into their schedule as to which they give you a date to pick up your device, once it’s repaired. Because remote tech support can be provided as soon as you enable the connection on your device, you can drastically reduce the time it takes to get it up and running again.

2) Convenience And Flexibility

No one wants to go out into the cold unless they have to. It would be more convenient for you to stay home while an expert remotely connects to your device to fix it, as opposed to spending gas and time to go to a local technician. It doesn’t matter if you’re in another country, as long as you have decent internet connection speeds, you’re ready to get your device fixed. And best of all, by getting your device fixed remotely, you don’t have to put yourself at risk, by going to a physical establishment.

3) Watch and Learn

Most computer repair shop will go into details about the things they did to repair your computer. By working with Computer PRO Unltd. you will be able to watch how we solve the problem right in front of your eyes. In some instances, you may be able to fix your device on your own if a similar problem manifests itself further down the line, with the added knowledge you gained from watching us fix your computer.

4) Reduced Expenses

Many remote repair services are able to provide steep discounts for first-time customers. Since we have a lower operating expense than our offline counterparts, this comes as no surprise. We can provide you with assistance, without extra fees that are typical at an offsite location such as storage and late pickup fee.

5) Privacy

We all have data on our computers that we’d like to keep to ourselves. Sometimes, this could be our internet history, while for some of us that could be personal photos or videos. When you drop off your device at a local shop they gain unrestricted access to everything on your computer. With a remote repair service, you can watch what the technician is doing in real time. This can help to provide a level of privacy that won’t get by using a local technician.

6) Access To Team Of Experts

By using our remote tech support service not only can you get your device repaired, you will gain access to a team of experts that support you in several ways. In some instances, once the device has been fixed we can provide suggestions on the latest software and apps to get, to make sure that your system continues to run in tip-top shape and is fully protected from malware and viruses. And in some instances, if your computer is running slow even after we have solved the underlying problem which caused it to malfunction, we can provide suggestions on the type of upgrades you should get to fully use the power of your desktop or laptop.

Regardless of the issue you may be facing whether it may be hardware problems, removing malware/virus, or recovering important files, you can get your device repaired remotely. At Computer PRO Unltd., we provide nationwide coverage and can support anyone, regardless of where they may be located.

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