White Paper: Mobile Workforce

With web apps and portable devices, the modern workforce is changing. Businesses are now more mobile than ever, with employees working from home or remote offices most businesses are embracing a more mobile workforce.

With the advantages of being a more mobile company does come some disadvantages. One fo the biggest is from an IT aspect. With having your employees work from almost anywhere there comes challenges that Small Business need to face.

  • Issues For Small Business to Consider When going Mobile
  • Restricting Employees access to data from offsite locations
  • Maintaining proper auditing of file access from employees. Especially when working offsite.
  • Ensuring all Mobile Devices are setup for backups and can be wiped remotely in case of accidental loss.
  • Have policies and procedures for employees using and bring their devices.

Being more mobile can assist your company in many areas from sales to customer service but making sure your business is protected from all the new threats that are presented can be a challenge. We are here to assist your business in maintaining your IT assets in your office or across the country. Give us a call today to schedule a meeting to see how we can help!


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