Managed Services White Paper: Reactive to Proactive Support

Download the Managed Services White Paper below to find out more about managed services and how your business should be utilizing a Proactive approach to IT Support.

There has been a big chance in the IT industry. It is the birth of Managed Services moving most company’s towards a proactive approach vs. the traditional reactive approach. Instead of waiting for your computer to break we are now able to detect that an issue is going to happen. With the existing sensor built into your hardware, we can utilize an RMM tools to pull the data to a central location and setup filters to determine issues. This gives business a more viable option when it comes to IT support.

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Why are Business loving Managed Services?

It is a predictable cost! After we do an assessment on your network and evaluate your IT infrastructure, we can set up a reoccurring monthly payment to manage your devices. For some business paying a monthly cost for managed services is more feasible than paying a larger bill when an issue happens.

Think of Managed Services as hiring the entire Computer PRO Team to support your business. Instead of you hiring a general IT tech to support your computers you can hire an entire team, supporting everything from your Office 365 setup to your SQL servers. You will have the PRO’s by your side.

Even small business benefit the most by having the helpdesk that larger companies have at their fingertips. Instead of having your employees try to solve a problem that can cost you hours of their time. You will have a full help desk at your disposal. Your staff can concentrate on what they know saving you money and growing your business.

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For an evaluation to see if Managed Services is a right fit for you feel free to contact us. We are your PRO’S servicing many industries. With our fully qualified technical staff, we can help your business grow.

Managed Services White Paper : Reactive to Proactive Support
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Managed Services White Paper : Reactive to Proactive Support
IT Service companies are starting to make the switch to a more proactive support system. Read about how this can benefit your business.
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