Dos and Don’ts of Fixing Your Computer

Computers are a modern essential. We use them for work, entertainment, hobbies, and communication. Over time, they have become more updated, more reliable, and more accessible. Anyone who owns a computer knows that from time to time glitches and technological errors will occur. Repairing your own computer can be a daunting task. It is often best left to be handled by professional computer repair technicians who have adequate experience and training. When repairs are made at home, it is often done in an effort to save money. If you make inadequate repairs on your own, you risk needing to spend more on additional repairs to correct problems you cause in fixing your computer yourself. You also risk having to entirely replace that piece of technology. There are a few key dos and don’ts that will help ensure that you enter the repair process confidently and with ease.  

 Dos of Fixing Your Computer


DO thoroughly research your problem and note any potential risks that may be posed by attempting to repair the problem on your own. This is an important first step to take no matter what the repair is.  


DO consult a professional to make sure that you are making the correct choice by taking the at home repair route. If a professional advises you to seek their help instead of doing it yourself, it is best to heed that advice and bring your device into a reputable center immediately.  


DO make sure that you know what you are doing and that you have the skills, knowledge, and tools needed. You’ll need to be able to to handle both the repair and any potential errors that may occur in the repair process. When the repair requires physical dismantling, the right manual tools are essential to purchase and utilize. Other tasks that may at first seem simpler still require sufficient knowledge and experience. 


DO make sure you have enough time to take on the repair process. Considering family obligations, work schedules, personal time, and other time allowances is important when budgeting for time throughout the day to take on fixing your computer. Even minor repairs require a time investment when done at home that is not required when seeking professional help. Because professionals are more likely to analyze and correct a technology problem quickly, it may actually be cheaper to pay one than to spend valuable time learning how to do repairs and then executing the individual repair on top of that. 


Don’ts of Fixing your Computer


DON’T put off repairing your computer. If you put off a repair because of cost or time you risk the problem becoming worse or even irreparable. Procrastination is not always dangerous, but in this case it is. Hard drives are a big one here. If your hard drive is failing, time will only make the issue worse. Once a drive has completely failed, it will require forensic data recovery. This type of recovery starts in the thousands for pricing.


DON’T stress about repairing your own computer. Maybe you do not have the skill set or confidence to do your own repairs. That’s okay, there are plenty of professionals who can take care of the situation for you. It often costs less than you would think to seek professional help for your technology woes. Even people who are highly intelligent and capable in other areas or aspects of life may find themselves intimidated by at home computer repairs. There is nothing wrong with that, it is perfectly reasonable. I know I don’t work on cars, I don’t have that skillset.


DON’T bite off more than you can chew. This one explains itself. Bringing a laptop in pieces to the repair shop usually costs more timewise while they figure out how to put it back together.


The inevitability of the need for computer repairs is as certain as death or taxes. It is how you handle the situation after noticing that a repair is needed that most greatly impacts the outcome of it. Whether making your repairs with professional help or at home all of these key dos and don’ts are vital to keep in mind. 

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