6 Microsoft Teams Apps You Should Use

Using Microsoft Teams apps with  is a good idea for any business purely because you need extra support when working at home. Your team connects from locations far and wide, and you want every member of the team to have accurate information, quality resources, and apps they can use when working with everyone. The six apps here help you handle six different parts of your business, and you can teach your staff how to use these apps so that they get the most out of them rather than blindly watching you use these apps on a video call.

1. Microsoft Stream or YouTube

Stream or YouTube allows you to share videos created before the call starts. You can create a training manual for your business that plays entirely on one of these apps, and you can search for informational videos to share with the team. Your team might also create videos when making presentations or explaining ideas that are still on the table.

If you do not have a video app, it is difficult to take advantage of the millions of hours of information you can access for free.

2. Polly

Polly is not an app that has to do with cheese. You can use this app to create polls and embed those polls in your stream. When you can create polls, your staff offers input without slowing down the meeting. You can tally answers quickly, and these polls often help when you have a huddle meeting with a massive team.

Businesses must listen to their employees, and Polly makes the listening process that much easier for everyone. Moreover, you can continue to generate polls through each call. There is no need to keep the same poll going for hours at a time. If you are consistently asking for feedback, you should use new polls as you narrow down your options for proceeding with business as usual.

3. Karma

Karma is another one of the Teams apps that allows you to send positive feedback to everyone on your team. The members of your team work hard every day, but they are not in an office with you. You cannot stop by their desk to tell them “good job,” and you often do not have time to write an email with all the details of a job well done.

Karma allows you to quickly send praise to everyone on a team. Your team will look forward to receiving kudos from Karma, and they will start sending kudos to each other. When you add positivity to your team meetings, you improve the morale of your team. While your team might not use Karma to offer kudos every day, they will learn how to offer praise rather than criticism during the workday.

4. Trello

Trello is an assignment board app that allows you to send tasks to everyone on the team. Everyone on the team has their own Trello board, and you can share your screen to explain your workflow. You may prefer to use Trello instead of sending tasks through email, and you can create several different cards and categories that are appropriate for your business. For example, a business that creates marketing content has an assignment category, in progress, for editing, posted, and paid.

Trello also allows you to create a custom background for your employees, and the program allows your employees to use the program in their own way. You can also send assignments through the stream with a link. This is the simplest way for you to send assignments because you can check everyone’s feed to learn who is working, and you can continue to add assignments in your own time.

5. Wiki

When you search for Microsoft Teams apps to use, you might want to try Wiki. You can take notes in this app as you go because it allows you to see the minutes of a meeting. The app saves all the information you add to each note, and you can screenshot these notes if you want to catalog them on your cell phone or on your device.

6. Sharepoint

Sharepoint is one of the Teams apps used for storing files in the cloud and sharing them. Your organization or team can access files, using permission management. This feature-rich application can be added to your Teams channel. Files can be shared within the team or organization. You can also share files externally. Use Office 365 Groups to control access on team sites.

You Can Use Apps to Make Teams More Effective

Making effective use of Microsoft Teams requires creativity and several apps that make your business more efficient. You have teams of employees working remotely, and they deserve a good experience. Using apps makes it easier to work from home, and you can continue using these apps every day. You might want to add more apps in the future, and you can expand your teams by teaching them to use Microsoft Teams with their employees in the future. You can run your business entirely from home, and you can even shut down your office, save money, and efficiently complete projects that took too long to finish in the future.

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