Top 5 Best Multiplayer VR Games

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy playing games with friends.  There’s truly nothing more exciting than discovering new worlds, beating the boss, or saving the princess with a friend.  To add to that excitement, VR can encapsulate a feeling of true immersion.  A feeling incomparable to any other, in the world of gaming.  Today, I want to share with you the 5 Best Multiplayer VR Games I’ve come across.  Let’s dig in!  Or as the VR fanatics would say… “Link start!”



VR In a Nutshell

If you haven’t heard of it by now, VR stands for Virtual Reality.  It is a hardware capable of taking video games and turning them into a 3D space.  Typically consisting of a headset and controllers, these devices are extremely complex and require a decent rig to power them.  Unless you have a stand alone headset of course… but this sounds like a story for another time.  Actually, that time already occurred.  Check out my post about VR here to get up to snuff on the subject, then head back here!


The Top 5 Best Multiplayer VR Games

This list in not in any particular order, so be sure to check out the descriptions of each to get my honest opinion on them all!


Windlands 2

This game is truly one of the best multiplayer VR games I have ever played.  It was one of the first VR multiplayer games I had ever played.  This game can have up to 4 players all working together to complete the campaign, or simply goof around.  The point of the game is to defeat robots around the “Windlands” that are causing harm to the local people.  You can walk and run around in this massive open world… however, the main way of transportation is using grapple hooks.  Basically, you are Spider-Man.  Speaking of which, I love Spider-Man, and I’ve played the free VR games for Far From Home.  It sucked compared to Windlands.  Truly.  I still get butterflies while I’m soaring through the skies shooting enemies with my arrows.

I can say 100% you will love this game.  Make sure you have your VR legs before playing!  It can be very nauseating.

Thanks for showing me this one, Aaron!


Windlands 2



I was first introduced to VR because I saw some people playing this game on YouTube.  The whole point of the game is climb your way from point A to point B.  Most of the maps are community made, which adds some goofiness.  The mechanics of the game are interesting to get used to.  Remember playing Wii Fit and going on runs?  It’s kind of like that… you have to move your arms (as if you’re running) to gain speed.  Jumping is similar, just raise your hands in a thrusting motion.  Playing with friends is always fun because you can try very hard to knock them off and be the first to the finish line.  And yes, you can actually punch someone and knock them out.  Or.. it’s more like make them drunk for a few moments.


Jet Island

I recently found out about this game when scrolling through hundreds of games trying to find something that others rated well.  I can definitely say this was an awesome buy.  It is an absolutely massive open world “island” covered with raised landscape and what appears to be ancient ruins.  Mostly set-up in such a way that they look like race tracks.  You’ll find speed boosts, ramps, and loops all around the world.  Your main source of transportation are jet arms.  Depending on which way they are facing, you will go in that direction.  Pretty simple stuff.

To make things a bit more interesting, you are given a hover board that makes moving frictionless.  It gives off amazing Sonic Rider vibes.  The point of the game is to take down drones that inhabit old temples.  After the drones, you have to take down giant enemies that protect giant towers.  It is very Breath of The Wild.  I mean, one of the enemies is literally a giant lizard climbing all around a rock.  All the while, a giant worm is flying through the sky.

On top of the actual mission, it’s fun to just fly around and do jumps.  You are also given a grapple hook to swing around.  Similarly, there are modifier unlocks.  My favorite is the moon gravity and super wormy (which makes the worm that flies around like 100x bigger).


Jet Island


Pavlov VR

Pavlov is definitely OG on the VR spectrum.  Everyone knows about this game, even people who only desktop game.  It is essentially CS:GO but in VR.  With game modes like Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and even Zombies… It is nearly impossible to run out of ideas while playing.  You can swap mags, add attachments, and shoot a wide variety of weapons.

My favorite part of the entire game is the fact that most of the maps are community made.  Anywhere from old Halo CE maps (my favorite), to maps like Outset Island from WindWaker!  My favorite game type is Minecraft Zombies.  Teaming up with your pals to slay some zombies is always a good time.  And if you don’t feel like playing with other people, there is an option for bots!

(Check out Zero Caliber VR.  It’s not as refined as Pavlov, but it has a campaign which Pavlov doesn’t.)



This game has already gone through its hype phase.  It’s no wonder why… it really is awesome.  Team up with up to 4 other people to find and communicate with ghosts.  Using tech like UV lights, EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) detectors, spirit boxes, or even just a simple notebook to find out what type of ghost you’re dealing with.  But don’t take too long, after the first 5 minutes, the ghost start hunting… and yes, they’re out to kill you.

This game is the perfect way to have a nice spook with friends.  Just make sure no one in the house is sleeping, because you WILL scream.  I promise it.




In Closing

There are a wide variety of fun multiplayer VR games to try out with your friends.  There are obviously way more than there are on this list, but I wanted to trim down the list so that any new VR comers can find some fun games to play with your pals!

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