Play That Funky (Streaming) Music

Everyone loves music, but no one loves buying every single song they want to listen to. The (legal) solution? Stream it! So you want to start listening to a greater diversity of music by streaming it, but what are your options? Well Computer Pro has got your back again. Here are 3 options for your listening pleasure.

  • Pandora – Pandora is the classic option. You enter a song, artist, or genre and Pandora creates a radio station that plays songs similar to that. You can like or dislike songs, which will teach Pandora what you like and will help refine your station. You can even skip songs if you just aren’t feeling that song right now. You also have the option of playing songs from several stations at once to give you extra variety in your listening. All of this is free. If you want ad-free listening and more skips you can buy Pandora for a monthly fee.
  • Spotify – Spotify is quite popular now, this is mostly due it’s simplicity and ease of use. just pick a station and start listening. like Pandora you can pay a monthly fee to remove adds, plus you can download the music so you can play even when not connected.
  • Amazon Prime – This one is a bit different. Amazon simply has over a million songs, for free assuming you have Amazon Prime. These songs are mixed together into playlists of around 50 songs that you can just turn on, or you can go search around and create your own from all the songs. This option is my favorite, because you have the most control, you can skip, rewind and just pick what songs you want, you can also download them onto your phone so you can listen anytime anywhere even without a signal. The best is that it is free with Amazon Prime, which you seriously should get. Amazon Prime gives you the million songs, the TV and Movie streaming service as well as free two day delivery from
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