6 reasons why Chrome is my favorite web-browser

There are many options out there when it comes to web-browsers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I personally think Chrome has the most merits. Here are 6 reasons why I think Chrome is the best web-browser available.

  1. Account Syncing: Google’s Chrome syncs you favorites, extensions, history, forms, passwords, and other settings from computer to computer and even to your mobile devices. Simply sign into Chrome with your google account and it will automatically sync you preferences. This is incredibly handy for when you find a new website to bookmark while on your personal computer and want to be able to visit it later on a different device.
  2. The Omnibox: The Omnibox is the name of the search/address bar in Chrome. This box works like an address bar and a search bar, but that is just the beginning. you can also do nearly anything in the Omnibox that you can do in google. The Omnibox is a calculator and a unit converter just as an example. Simply enter the math problem or units you want converter and watch it answer you right there.
  3. Highlight Search: It is exactly what it sounds like. Anywhere in Chrome on any webpage you can highlight text and right-mouse click and there is an option to search for that text, which will open a new tab and search for the highlighted text. it may sound like a small thing but it so handy, I just love this.
  4. Reopen closed tabs: Have you ever accidentally closed the wrong tab? or Maybe clicked on the x and closed a tab when all you meant to do was jump to it? Well If you are using Chrome, there is an easy fix. Simply press Control-Shift-T to open any recently closed tabs. But what if I accidentally closed several tabs I need open? You can press Control-Shift-T several times to continue opening up previously closed tabs.
  5. Chrome splits its processes: One of the most frustrating things to happen while web-browsing is for some part to go wonky and crash the entire browser, bringing anything and everything you had open with it, including completely unrelated pages. Chrome fixes this by actually segregating each part of it into a separate process so that if something crashes you don’t lose everything you have open in your other 47 tabs.
  6. Chrome as not a web-browser: Chrome can be used as a file explorer, a picture viewer, a PDF viewer, a media player, and a whole host of other things. It is not the best at most of these things, but it can do all of them satisfactorily.

This doesn’t even include the vast number of apps and extensions available. Nor does it mention that you can change it’s appearance with themes. I also didn’t talk about how just about everything you can image can be dragged and dropped, both to and from Chrome. And this is still a pretty small sampling of the reason why Chrome is my favorite browser.



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