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Windows 10 is a great operating system. Most consider it a huge improvement over Windows 8, but there are always ways that the experience can be improved. Instead of switching to a new OS, though, you can make use of one of a handful of Windows 10 tricks to make your experience a little better. These tips and tricks all make use of shortcuts and software that are included within the operating system but that tend to get overlooked by many users. If you’re ready to make your Windows 10 experience a bit easier, the tricks below are a good place to start.

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You just got your brand new computer!!! Congrats! Let us start by doing some general maintenance to keep your computer secure and keep it running smooth with our new computer tips.


New Computer Tips Step 1: Updates


The first thing we recommend doing is updating Windows. This is your first one of your new computer tips. If your computer came from a big box store more than likely your computer is a bit out of date, computers purchased at big box stores usually would be shipped from the factory with a Windows image that’s created when the manufacturer started selling that model. Then depending on how many the store purchased your computer could have been sitting in their stock for some time. Depending on how out of date your computer is, updates can take a long time.

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