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Almost every business in this era uses computers. With computers, comes data. And with data, comes the need for a robust backup system.

Especially as record-keeping moves from paper to digital systems, backing up said records becomes a critical component of running a business. If a computer breaks, the records will still be available elsewhere. Depending on the type of business, customer data, contacts, inventory, legal documents, and so on are becoming more and more digitized–if those are gone suddenly and no longer accessible, how much would business operations be disrupted? A backup allows continuation of operations. Read more “How Safe Is a Cloud-Based Business Backup System?”

radio-shackIf you haven’t heard, RadioShack is bankrupt, and thousands of stores across the U.S. have already been shutdown, selling everything inside for dirt cheap prices. Even the store furniture and shelving.

But what about the corporate assets not tied to a store? Like the personal information you gave the cashier when you were checking out? Your phone number, your email, your address, all of it.
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What is Wireless AC (802.11ac)?


If you have been shopping for a wireless router lately then you’ve probably seen something labeled as “Wireless AC,” or “802.11ac,” but what does this actually mean? And how can it benefit your home network?

802.11ac is the newest standard of Wi-Fi and it can provide outstanding throughput for a dramatic increase in your home Wi-FI network. Below I’ll explain to you exactly why this new standard is great, and how it can benefit you.

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No I’m not talking about what chills your skin and makes your car take forever to warm up, I’m talking about Deep Freeze by Faronics software. Deep Freeze is a software option that magically restores your computer to a set state every time it is restarted. Deep Freeze is made to store a desired system configuration in a way that if anything goes horribly wrong, whether it’s a corrupted file or a virus was downloaded, restarting the computer will fix the problem.

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