Cleaning Computer Dust


Many people believe that the only thing you need to maintain for your devices is the operating system. While it is true that the operating system is a major part of what makes your device what it is, what some people don’t realize is the hardware is just as important. As a result, ensuring your hardware is clean is just as important as maintaining your operating system. To help clear up any confusion you may have, we’ve assembled a list explaining the importance of professional hardware maintenance.  Read more “Six Reasons Why Professional Hardware Cleaning Is as Important as OS Maintenance”

Let’s face it, in today’s world there is a computer everywhere we look. Most of us don’t go a day without coming into contact with one, whether it’s our phones, laptops, desktops, or even televisions; they are all computers.

But, what if you wanted to have the portability of a laptop and the power of a desktop in one computer? Look no further, we are now offering a new build computer that offers exactly that, at a competitive price!


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2015 Predictions

Happy New Year! So with 2015 here what can we expect to change in the tech world this year? What will be hot? What will not? What changes will we see? what new gadgets will we want? and what technologies will flood eBay as people try to get rid of them? Here are my predictions for 2015 in tech.

What will be big this year?

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