Why Your Business Needs a NextGen Antivirus

Why Your Business Needs a NextGen Antivirus


Do you have a small business that needs protection from cyberattacks? Here is detailed information on the top reasons your small business needs a NextGen Antivirus.

Currently, there has been a surge in the number of cyberattacks in the world. Many people are idle at home, which gives hackers and intruders enough time to come up with plans to make peoples’ lives a mess. These intruders use phishing techniques to get information from unsuspecting users such as social security, work login, or your credit card information.

Hackers can use this sensitive information on your identity to commit online crimes and make you lose a lot of money. Many small businesses suffer a lot of these cyberattacks. Because of weaker firewalls, they are more vulnerable since most hackers find they’re not so advanced, and they can pass through them quickly to wreak havoc.

It would be best to stay ahead of these criminals. You may find it helpful if you upgrade the traditional antivirus that blocks them and protects your online information and data. The NextGen antivirus is the most current and upstaged antivirus in the market. It is the best to combat these malware practices and all strategies a hacker may use to attack your business. With the use of leading advanced technology, you are sure of malware protection in real-time.



The top new features you will benefit from when using this new technology include:

  • Application awareness
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • Content filtering
  • Gateway antivirus

Here are the benefits and top reasons why you should get a NextGen Antivirus/Firewall system.



Advanced Blocking


You can quickly and conveniently stop any individual application from penetrating your firewall. The best way to do content filtering is by using VPN proxy services that will hide all data effectively in your network.

You can effectively block all these services since the firewall has application awareness, which also allows you to prevent your users from using up your bandwidth. You have full control of your network, and you can avoid any harm from happening to it.




Intrusion Prevention


The firewall detects and alerts all intrusions that may occur in your firewall. If there is an attack on your network, it will scan and see the traffic, and all the implemented rules will be used to deal with it. You always need to respond swiftly to such attacks, because attackers need time to get into your system. Stopping them in real-time can help you save your data.



Gateway Anti-Virus


Your firewall must be aware of the virus to keep itself safe and healthy from outside threats. This works the same way as the antivirus in your workstation to protect you from any virus that may be uploaded or sent by a hacker to your system.

NextGen Antiviruses offer another layer of protection to your firewall, which makes you safer. Think of it like an added airbag to the existing seat belts.



Active Directory Integration


You can integrate your firewall easily with the Microsoft Windows Active Directory Domain. You will get all information about your users, including their surfing habits, and take control of the VPN access. It is fundamental to keep your protection since most viruses are found online, and most people download them without even being aware they have.

If you watch your employees’ sites, you would be keener on the threats you may face on your firewall. You will also get a real-time notification in case of any breach. Stay safe always and have this double layer of protection on your firewall that no hacker can compromise.


In Conclusion


Every small business needs a NextGen Antivirus to keep safe online. Most data breaches and cyberattacks cause businesses millions of dollars every year. When an attack occurs, you may need to replace all your electronic devices or lose all your data because hackers can lock you out of them. Some businesses don’t survive the breach. Get your new firewall today and keep safe online always. Use the software to track all of your employee activity, making them more productive and reliable. Between a NextGen Antivirus and securing your accounts with multifactor authentication, you can keep your data and networks safe and secure.

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