Coffee : A Tech’s Best Friend

Many do not know that coffee was actually invented in the office. After a few weeks of waking up at 7:00 a.m. to stroll into a cold and entirely unwelcoming white-walled environment, a handy office worker decided to take on home gardening. He aimed to fashion a plant that yielded magical beans with stimulant properties.

Then, he searched far and wide, in his backyard that is, for a combination of plants that would keep him buzzed enough to somehow withstand his bright, yet somehow very full, office work environment. He grafted together various sticks and weeds from his backyard and a few weeks later the plant he had buried in soil yielded beans. When he poured some boiling water on them and drank it, glory! Lo and behold, the day turned beautiful. Office work was suddenly tolerable!

Nicer than Most of Your Co-Workers


Not only does the splendid drink keep you flying high so that you can bear to stand working in the same office for years on end, but it also is nicer than most of your co-workers. The magical bean juice that it produces gives you good feelings. It is the type of feeling that you would get if any of your co-workers ever gave you a compliment.

It stimulates your central nervous system and makes you alert. Drinking it regularly can decrease your risk of Type 2 diabetes and liver disease. It’s like a friend who encourages you to eat well.

The beverage promotes the release of noradrenaline, dopamine and serotonin. These are the happy chemicals in the brain. They give you a mood boost and in general positive feeling.


Keeps You Thinking on Your Toes


The drink encourages brain activity. When it releases those neurotransmitters we discussed just a few lines ago, it helps your brain to think quickly. It acts as a thought provoker and makes you respond more quickly to questions.

Techs need to stay on their toes when it comes to processing information quickly and responding with ease. At the company meeting, you should be able to garner a quick response to any inquiries that your boss has. You should be able to process what your co-workers are saying quickly and be able to react with a reasonably valuable response.


How Does the Magic Drink Work?


The drink’s magic can be broken down through a brief scientific understanding of its components. It is proven to increase mood, reaction time and learning. All of this is due to the boosting effect that it has on the aforementioned neurotransmitters, as well as its blocking of adenosine.

Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that little by little adds up throughout your workday. When enough adenosine builds up in your brain, you get slightly tired. The beverage at hand blocks adenosine, so that you don’t get slowly tired throughout the day.


The Tech Life


The tech life is filled with computer usage. Over time, consistent exposure to the blue light that computers emit is known to cause depression and low energy. Our friend coffee helps to battle this effect.

It keeps you cool calm and collected throughout the day of looking at your computer screen. While you may be accomplishing incredible feats in business strides by using your computer, your body doesn’t know that. On a visceral level, your body sees the computer as a device that lowers energy.

Our favorite beverage, coffee, stimulates neurotransmitters that then send messages to the body but there is plenty of energy to be expended. It almost magically creates energy through its effect on neurotransmitters. You can feel the effects on a physical level.

Consistent exposure to the blue light that computer screens emit will no longer affect you poorly when you regularly drink a latte or espresso. You will find your energy stays high and your mind stays alert.


The Mental Factor


Many of those who go into office work or technology jobs are simply more mentally focused than physical. While there are many out there who enjoy the feat a physical job such as construction or housekeeping, still others require a job that stimulates their mind more than their body. To each his own.

Those who work in technology must understand that they are more well-adept to mental work than physical. They should make sure to practice exercises that keep their mind working in tip top shape. Those who work in the customer service sector of tech are most benefited by doing so, as their mental alertness largely determines their ability to communicate compassionately with their customers.

Techs must make sure to practice activities in their daily life that stimulate their mind. Just as the muscles are the tool of a construction worker and the feet are the tool of a ballet dancer, the mind is the tool of the techie. Regularly drink coffee to keep your mind working in pristine order.

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