Why Is Patch Management Important for Maintaining Your Computer Systems?

Software upgrades are happening every single minute. This is an attempt to make technology more convenient, innovative and user-friendly. When these software upgrades happen, people who had installed it before need to get the version that has the newer and better features without having to uninstall the system they have in place. This is essentially what patch software is all about. Since there can be dozens of software systems upgrading themselves at a go, it is also important to have a system which manages the patch process. Here is what you need to know about patch management and why you need a patch software system.


Manual and Automated Patch Management

There are two options available in patch software. You can choose to have the system manually updated, or you can choose to have the system automated. Automated management is preferred over manual because manual involves tasks which are very tedious for IT system administrators. Automated patch software works by deploying installing agents on target computers connecting the centralized patch server and the computers which to be patched. The agents also carry out other patch-related processes such as:


· Alerting the servers when necessary

· Storage of the patches in the local computers

· Automatic retrial of failed patch processes.


There are certain instances where manual patch management could be necessary. When the tasks involved are too specific to be set out on an automated system. Also, when the computer systems are constantly rejecting updates, you may need an IT person to manually oversee the process so they can troubleshoot and fix the part of the process which is failed. Therefore, it is advisable to have an automated system.  As well as have an expert that can oversee the entire process.




The Benefits of Installing Patch Software


Enhanced Security For Your Systems

Security is the first and the most obvious benefit which comes from getting a software patch software system. Most of the software patches which are released are meant to fix security vulnerabilities. When your computer networks are up to date with the patches, they are less likely to suffer from malicious software attacks and security breaches. Your systems will therefore be more secure and run a minimized risk of data loss and damage.


Increased Productivity

Most of the systems get upgrades.  Which help them perform their role better in addition to enhanced security.  This reduces the length of time that the application is up and running.  All these fixes will be made on time and your applications’ performance will improve, increasing productivity when you have a patch software system in place.


Getting The Latest

Keeping your software up to date will give you new features in the programs.   For example, if you made the switch to Office 2013/2016 you are now able to edit PDF’s in Word.  If you are using an older version of Word you are not able to use this feature.  Keeping your software up to date will continuously add new features as the products improve.


Reduces The Need to Do Rework from Mistakes

Helping you provide an extra set of eyes that can see problems which might have happened during the manual patch software process is one benefit of a good software.  When the systems are reliable enough, they will also help fix these mistakes, reducing the need to rework the update process from the start. This leaves a lot of time to do other important updates.


These are a few of the most important benefits which come from getting patch software systems. When picking a patch software, make sure that it meets the following criteria:


· Comprehensive Scanning:  Make sure your software gives you he ability to scan your entire system and figure out all the problems which need to be fixed is essential. The results should also be clear and reliable.

· Efficiency in deployment: The other basic quality that the system needs to have is the ability to deploy patches in a fast and effective manner.

· Efficient reporting: another quality that you need to have in your software is efficiency in the process of reporting.  From updates to fixes, the ideal software will give you everything you need.


Technology will keep changing, and better systems will keep showing up as time goes by. Therefore, the best thing that you can do for your company is to get a reliable software management system that carries out these upgrades all the time. A fast, efficient and reliable system will help you keep up with the latest, secure your systems and most importantly, make sure that your IT software is running at optimum capacity and capability. Consult Computer PRO’s IT experts to get your PC’s in shape.  Computer PRO specializes in managed services for businesses both large and small.

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