Email Apps For Android 


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There are many different email apps available for Android. With the ever growing Google Play app store you have many options to choose from. Below I have listed a couple of apps that I have used in the past.


  • Gmail – the default Gmail app is great. It has all the features you need but without an over complicated interface. The app will show all of your emails in one location and is built into most android cellphones by default.  The biggest con I have with Gmail app is that I would like a feature that reminds me of important messages.
  • Outlook – a great email app that can integrate into your Office 365 account. This app will also let you access your other emails as well. A feature that we love is the integration into One Drive and SharePoint. But the biggest flaw we have seen is the lack of support for shared exchange calendars. It also has a focused option to let you view your most important emails first filtering out the unnecessary items on a separate tab, but many users find this more of a inconvenience.
  • Boxer – this is my personal favorite and my default email app on my phone. This app will let you see all of your email in either a combined view or one email account at a time. It also supports changing your default signature. It is a big pet peeve of mine to send a email and at the bottom it is advertising for the email app that i use. I also like that you can customize your swipes so when you swipe a email to the left or right it can perform the actions you want. Such as to delete a email or archive it. You also can customize your swipes based on whether it is a short swipe (starting from the middle of the screen) or a long swipe.
  • Blue Mail  – is a great app, but has some flaws that made it a deal breaker for me. The biggest flaw for me is that it will not allow you to change your signature. This means when I send a email it tries to get your contacts to use the product as well. I am not a find of this type of advertising.
  • Yahoo Mail – is a great app but feels clunky at times. The biggest draw back for me is the recent hacks that have been announced. With what is being reported as the one of the largest data breachs in history it might make you think twice about continuing to use the app.
  • Inbox – a great product from Google but I hate how it organizes my email. With it’s auto sorting feature it takes a while to train. Once you have taken the time to classify emails it makes it easier to delete batchs of emails on your mobile device. It also only uses gmail accounts. This is a deal breaker if you have multiple email accounts and want to check one app instead of many.

What apps are your favorite for email?



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