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We frequently get questions from businesses like “How can I see what my employees are doing on the computer?” or “I have a suspicion that a employee is not doing what he is suppose to. What can I do?”. This is always a touchy subject to approach. As a business owner you know that a certain amount of time will be spent doing task such as browsing the web and reading news, but you want to make sure that as much time as possible is being spent using their time productively.

There is a great program that can assist you in accomplishing this task. ActivTrak which I would describe as content filtering on steroids. This seems to be the best option we have found for many businesses. It is a cloud based monitoring software that allows employers to see what their employees are doing on the computer.  The program installs silently and will let you setup alarms based on the actions you define. A big advantage to ActivTrak is that you can have the program take screenshots to give you a glimpse of what is happening on the computers.


ActivTrak will  allow you to monitor 3 computers with up to 3 GB of storage. The data that is stored is secured with a SSL connection for security.



Installing ActivTrak is a breeze. It is just agreeing to the terms of service and pressing the next button. They do have an extension you can install in the chrome browser to collect additional information. You do have options for a remote installer that can be pushed out by Group Policies, but this option is only available on the paid version.

If your devices go offline for a period of time the agent will collect the data and upload when it is back online.



The web interface is straight forward. In testing we had no issues finding all the information that was needed.

The dashboard gives you a overview of your active computers. From the dashboard you can expand into a particular category or you can decide to start looking at the panel window on the right. In our testing and deployment the section most people wanted to see is the Activity logs. This can be found on the right hand side in the navigation panel.

In our testing we were able to setup websites to block, schedule time for the monitor to run and have it take screen shots of internet usage. With all of this infomation it could help you keep your employees productive if you used wisely.


If this is something you may be intersted we have included a affiliated link below.


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