What Is A Computer COA, and What Does It Mean For You?

Introduction to Computer COA:


A COA is a sticker you will find on the bottom of the computer system. You can find it on computers that have Windows 7 and 10, but it can be found on other Windows products too.

You can find it near the 25-digit code key at the bottom. This Certificate of Authenticity verifies that the system is real instead of a fake (which sometimes happens with Windows products). There are plenty of fakes on the market. It is better to see the COA and remove all doubts in your mind.

The sticker lets the owner know they can communicate with the original manufacturer if an issue arises. That is a huge benefit right there.


Why Is The Information Necessary?

There are many reasons why companies go through the certification process. Some customers want to see the information place in ads. That way they know right away whether or not they should buy the product. Restore media( a company that works with computer manufacturers) needs to know the information too.

Some customers come back looking for other products connected to the Restore Media system. They want to know the merchandise is genuine.


What Happens When The Product Is Sold Without An OS?

Sometimes you find a computer without the OS. A new verification is issued when that happens. You will have to buy an independent OS for your computer. The certification is going to be there, it will just come separately(one certification for the OS and the computer).

You will be directed to enter the 25-digit key found on the OS into the system. It should match because you will see the corresponding numbers( the numbers should match each other). You enter the numbers to set everything up, and you should be good.


What Are The Benefits Of Buying One With A Computer COA

Now, just so you know, you can also buy used computers with a COA. You probably already know the benefits of buying a new certified computer, so I will no go into that.

  1. The certified used and new computers will come with a warranty. You will also have many benefits, which could include tech assistance. That you will have to double-check on to be sure.
  2. The COA also shows that repairs that were needed have been completed. There comes a time, in the life of every computer, when it needs to be repaired. A COA tells the customer that the repairs are done. The difference between a refurbished computer and a used computer with a COA is simple. You do not know exactly if the necessary repairs are finished. Sometimes the tech person just tweaks the system a bit and places it back on the shelf.  A COA used computer passes through multiple tests before it is re-issued.
  3. Some used computers with a COA come with a detailed history report. That way you can see what has been done before and what might need to be completed in the future.

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