Pro’s and Con’s of 4k

As time progresses, so too does technology. One major advance in this regard are graphics in the form of 4K. The viewing experience of 4K has proven to be something that many people want to embrace. The move towards 4K gaming and television viewing is on its way to becoming the standard. Though, as with any decision to upgrade, there are benefits and risks.

The Pro’s

First, it goes without saying that Ultra HD is absolutely beautiful. Perhaps you have seen 4K in someone else’s home, the movie theater, or somewhere else. However Ultra HD and 4K have become the new standard in most establishments and regardless of the discrepancy, Ultra HD and 4K are practically inseparable. Both will provide with crisp, clear images that are a major improvement over Full HD screens.

Perhaps to the naked eye, there may not appear to be that huge a difference between Full HD and Ultra HD. However, if you were to go deeper into the graphical makeup, the key difference is in the pixels. The pixel configuration of a 720p device clocks in at 1280×720. For full HD, you will get 1920×1080. Now, compare this to Ultra HD, which nets an astonishing 3840×2160 resolution. The difference is staggering.


4K gaming is also an incredible experience for those who are interested in that niche. For those with 4K televisions, gaming can become a worthwhile experience, as Sony and Microsoft have long since announced their new lines of next-generation consoles that have upped the graphics game to a great degree. One of the larger areas of concern in recent years has been next-generation consoles not being able to reach their full capacity. With the introduction of 4K and consoles that support that resolution, a shift in the gaming experience will be seismic.

For those who like to stream media, the experience will be heightened as well. For those who prefer to stream entertainment stand to gain a lot from doing it on a 4K television. Netflix, Amazon and other catalogs of entertainment that are rapidly expanding have set the standard for a new generation of viewing.

As you can see, there is a litany of benefits when it comes to upgrading to 4K, and for some, it may be well worth the money. However, there are also potential drawbacks that you will have to consider.

The Con’s

One of the initial cons that can turn off those on the mend of going 4K is the price point. Unfortunately, the price of luxury is quite hefty. If you want to upgrade, you are going to have to dig deep into your wallet. If you are thinking about upgrading, one thing you may have to consider is holding off for a few months, because the price of the new TV you purchase will likely decline. That will present you with more options to purchase 4K at a better price than what you would purchase it at now.


Something else that can be quite cumbersome for those looking to make the leap is that upgrading to 4K may require other components. Everything from streaming devices to HDMI cables and routers may require upgrades to accommodate the new changes. So, not only are you going to have to account for the price of your new 4K monitor or television, but you will also have to fit in all of the other upgrades that you will likely have to consider in your budget.

For 4K gaming, this issue can be compounded by the fact that you cannot just merely purchase a 4K monitor. You are also going to have to purchase a PC that can handle the increased graphics. Otherwise, you will see your PC struggle and your gaming experience can be ruined. This leaves you in an awkward position after you have already shelled out

Another major con is the lack of devices that have the capacity to support 4K. This has been a very key issue that Ultra HD devices have been facing ever since it made its debut. While streaming services and devices are increasingly allowing 4K viewing, there still is not a lot of selections available, and when it comes to purchasing tech, this can be a deal breaker. Prices can easily start at $300 to $400 for models that display the discs in their resolution. So if you will want to have films, tv shows, and video games be displayed in true Ultra HD, then you will have to be willing to pony up quite a bit of money.

There is another issue that standard users encounter when trying out 4K on their home computer. The text in 4K is very small! Of the end users that I’ve spoken to using 4K on their computers, more than half complained about the text. They reported it being nearly or completely unreadable for them, due to the small size.

As you can see, there are plenty of factors to consider when it comes to upgrading to 4K. While you are definitely going to get a more pleasurable viewing experience, it will definitely come at a price. Examine your options and see if what 4K can provide for you will be worth the investment.

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