Nine Reasons to Use VPN Services

What are VPN services?

Virtual Private Network is an online platform that lets you connect to multiple networks outside the internet. VPN services are used mainly by companies that want their workers to access sensitive data without the risk of exposure.


What is RDP?

A Remote Desktop Protocol is software that gives users access to another computer that is not physically present. Perhaps you have come across someone sharing their screen over a network with a computer expert. That is done so that they can solve the issues without having to come to you.


Most people think or rather consider VPN and RDP to be the same. To some extent they both provide secure connections to remote networks miles away from your location. However, VPN does it much better by offering the following solutions.


Helps keep user data private.


In this era most websites and applications keep track of your online footprint. In the process of analyzing, data could be leaked. A virtual private network solves this by providing encryption to the data you send or receive. This keeps you anonymous and secure. Due to the demand for high-level encryption some virtual networks provide military-level encryption.


No data and bandwidth throttling.


Data throttling is when you have consumed a certain amount of data and the ISP slows your internet service. However, with the use of this software, users can now use the services without being monitored by your ISP.

At one point in your life, you have experienced bandwidth throttling. This is where ISP’s reduce the internet speed to certain sites at different times. By encrypting data from your device, VPN services prevent users on the same network from viewing your data while it keeps the destination of the data private.


Access blocked services.


By changing your IP address, a virtual private network will provide a way for the ISP’s to think that you are browsing from a region that allows access to certain websites giving you access to geo-blocked content. Before you work with VPN services, make sure you find out if it is permitted by the streaming services you want to access. Other than that be careful some nations have penalties revolving around the use of virtual private networks.


Avoid censorship.


In case you are traveling to a state or country that restricts, monitors, or forbids access to some social media platform then the use of a Virtual Private Network will help you navigate through geographical restrictions. It will give you access to the content as it hides your real location by directing your data through a remote network.


Low maintenance cost.


For many startup businesses, it is crucial to save money where you can. The use of a Virtual Private Network may help reduce the costs of server maintenance by outsourcing a third party to provide lower maintenance costs. These third-party service providers achieve this since they have many clients to work with hence reduced costs. Other than that, businesses can avoid renting overpriced network capacity lines that offer a connection between office locations. Now businesses can connect to any broadband connection or public infrastructure connecting employees to their workplace.


Secure connection.



In this day and age Wi-Fi networks are easily accessible and convenient for those who have an expensive data plan. But using a Wi-Fi network will leave you exposed to data theft. To avoid this, it is recommended that you use a Virtual Private Network to encrypt your data giving you a secure connection. Having this crucial software is essential especially for those who travel for work.


Bypassing firewalls.


At one point you have been at a school, airport, hotel, or workspace where certain websites are blocked so that they can comply with some regulations. This can be annoying sometimes but you can bypass any firewall by incorporating the VPN services that help you hide your IP address.


Safer torrenting.


Usually downloading torrents is not a dangerous task to undertake but it is very risky to use these services without the help of a Virtual Private Network. when you are either downloading or uploading a torrent your IP address is visible to users on the torrent network you are working on. This makes it very risky, but it is advised to mask your online identity using this remote software. Also, it is illegal in some countries to torrent, so using a virtual private network will help you stay out of trouble.


Improved online gaming


Gaming enthusiasts who want to have a good gaming experience but cannot play due to the geographical location they are in have the chance to enjoy gaming by using a Virtual Private Network to hide IP addresses. Other than that, these services protect gaming fans from DDoS attacks which are rampant on gaming sites

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