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We are a locally owned computer shop in St. Charles, MO. Owned and operated by Paul and Sharon Wheeler, we have been serving the St. Louis Metro area since we opened our doors in 1996. We service businesses, consultants and individuals across the area. Our highly-skilled and trained technicians offer outstanding knowledge and support for everyone’s computer situation! Our technicians are constantly researching and learning about the newest technology and services that we can offer to make our customers’ lives easier and less stressful.

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Since technology is always advancing your computer may not be the “BEAST” it was 2 years ago. To make sure you have the right specs for your game. We recommend using “Can You Run It”. This is a great utility that will allow you to see if your computer is up to par! Can You Run It

Taking a screenshot of your issue will help diagnose your problem quickly. It can also give us any relevant information that the error or problem shows us. You can take a screenshot by simply pressing the “prt sc” or “print screen” button on your keyboard. This will put the screenshot in you computers clipboard and will allow you to past the screenshot into a email for us to review.

We recommend getting a computer Tune-UP between 6 months to a year. This will help ensure your computer stays running when you need it. This way if there are any warning signs of hardware failure or if you kids started downloading to many games!!!!!! We can find the issues and speed up your computer. Nobody Wants a Sick Computer!!!!!!!!

Remote Repairs are a big time saver since it no longer requires you to bring your computer into shop for software problems. YES!, you simply give us a call and we can remote into your computer to address the issue. We can do many items remotely including computer Tune-UP’s, Training, and Office 365 Migration. If you are having an issue give us a call and we will do a free assessment to see how we can help!

Backups are very important and we would recommend you have a couple of different forms of backup in place. You never want to be in a situation were you have lost important data. We wrote a great blog piece that goes into the deals of backups and how often it should be done!

Easy way to get your computer repaired


If your computer breaks, don’t panic. We offer a huge range of remote repair services.


Give us a call or email us so we can see if your computer is eligible for a remote repair. Saving you time and money. No need to bring the computer into shop.


Our trained technicians will repair your computer quickly & efficiently, keeping you informed all the way.


Once repaired our technician will call and go over the issue with you.


We Offer VOIP Phone’s

Are you looking for a quality phone service? We offer business class phone services to ensure you can talk to your clients.

Managed IT

Patch Management, Vendor Managment, Help Desk Services.

Network Issues

With our networking experience we can solve your networking problems.


Tired of waiting for your email. We offer packages for all needs.

Windows Repair

Solving your networking problems, hardware problems or software problems for your desktop PC.

New PCs

We offer a wide variety of new PCs and laptops

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