AVAST Cloud Care Antivirus 1 Yr


Virus and Email Scanner

Help keep your company networks free from viruses, and malware with AVAST CloudCare antivirus.

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Stay protected with AVAST CloudCare Antivirus*

Virus and Email Scanner

Help keep your company networks free from viruses, and malware with AVAST CloudCare antivirus.

Automatic updates and upgrades

Ensure that your employees’ computer protection is always up-to-date. Real-time updates, upgrades, and even uninstalls are automatically pushed to your employees’ computers so there’s no need to waste time with manual checks.

Be in control

Web-based access

Cloud services can be accessed from any web browser.

Multiple alerts

Stay right on top of things with automatic email alerts. Whenever there’s an issue, your IT provider will be notified immediately to secure your system.


Quickly review the activity and status of all your devices via multiple reports, including executive summary, security, operational, and content filtering reports—all of which can be exported to PDF. Reports can be tailored to show virus and malware detections, devices requiring RAM or storage updates, blocked URLs, etc.

Remote management

AVAST CloudCare’s web-based platform gives your IT provider a real-time overview of your network, allowing them to remotely manage your services and devices from a single location. They can also view content filtering graphs; create groups and policies; receive real-time alerts; and add or remove services or software with a single click—all without distracting you or your employees.

Improve efficiency


Third-party antivirus removal

Save time by deploying AVAST AntiVirus and removing third-party antivirus products in one click.

Customized installation

Choose only the components you want: Email Scanner, Online Shield, AVAST Surf-Shield, or Firewall.

Easy policy deployment

Roll out pre-set or customized policies to employees in real time to save your IT provider the hassle of doing this for every individual computer.

When simplifying your IT management can be this simple…  Why complicate?

Free 30-day trial

Try the full versions of our AVAST AntiVirus and AVAST Content Filtering services free for 30 days. Have control at your fingertips!

*Formally known as AVG Antivirus.


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